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How to Raise Baby Chicks : Ingredients for Baby Chick Diet

Hi, I am Dr. T.K. Roy, speaking on behalf
of Expert Village. Feed is normally the composition but it is a combination of ingredients, like
maze or corn, wheat, round nut cake or shribencake. Then we have the wheat ban then maybe the
wheat polish, then a little fish meal. Then we have to give them minerals and salt and
some antibiotics and feed additives to keep the biocentrics very healthy and so that they
can grow quickly and they leave healthy. So now the ingredients metaphor from region to
region; in some areas where Eurocorn is very cheap, I will advise that you should add Eurocorn,
as far as possible, as far as possible may be up to the fourteenth if possible. But where
Eurocorn is expensive, the wheat may be cheaper. So in those areas, wheat can be used instead
of Eurocorn or the combination. In Southeast Asia round nut cake is very common. So, Southeast
Asian countries may use round nut cake to the level of 15 to 20% or a little more even.
But in European countries or under developed countries, round nut cake is not so popular
or even if it is available it is very expensive. So in those cases, I would kin with the other
alternatives. So, fish meal oil; fish meal can be used any way they like; I mean European
countries, developed countries, Orient countries, poor countries, developed countries, like
that. So this is a composition of different kinds of feeding ingredient, so that the nutrient
that is required which is not available form any particular ingredient, comes from different
ingredients into the compounded feed. Thank you very much.


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    expert village!!! WTF – im not asking for expert english speaking, but basics wold help – i dont know what the shit this guy says? ??

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