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How to reduce fertilizer costs by 30% and increase crop yields with Vultus

Vultus helps farmers to reduce their fertilizer use by one-third
with satellite based fertilizer recommendations. Partnering with a global network of farming platforms,
our mission is to eliminate waste in farming. Farming is incredibly challenging and demanding. Farmers need to factor in weather patterns, crop health,
soil composition and individual budgets. Today, most decisions are based on tradition,
with many farms spreading all inputs evenly across the field. On average, this means over half of nitrogen
fertilizers applied are wasted, resulting in unnecessary costs,
lost yields and environmental harm. Vultus addresses these problems by providing
recommendations for the optimal use of your fertilizers. We analyze several types of satellite data and perform various
analytics to give tractor compatible recommendations. Our recommendations help farmers reduce fertilizer use by one-third,
improve yields by 3% and increase profits by 35€ per hectare. Our goal is to optimize all inputs, and we are constantly
working to increase our capabilities. Farmers can access our products
through a wide range of existing partners, such as Tanibox and Pak Zar Zarmeen
who have integrated our products via API. This means you don’t need another app,
but can use your existing digital services. We help the local platforms become stronger and broader,
improving the digital ecosystem for farmers. If you are a farmer or farm management software provider, contact us to explore how we can
eliminate waste in farming in your region.

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