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Yo, what’s up? Today, I’m coming at you with another Snapseed tutorial So, I wanted to preface this tutorial with the fact that Snapseed is only good for removing one person or small objects and not a crowd of people If you’re looking to remove a large group of people I would recommend Photoshop over Snapseed Sometimes I like to use the Patch tool in Facetune to clean things up a bit So if you’re looking to see a tutorial on that, or how I remove people in Photoshop Just let me know in the comments Alright, let’s get started The first step is the Healing tool It’s going to remove unwanted objects or people from your shot There’s 3 people in this shot that I’d like to remove but I’m going to show you on this guy over here It’s not too bad, as you can see, the pole is completely removed Edges are a little jagged, but if you just go over them You can kind of even them out a little bit I find that when you’re doing it in tiny areas, it makes it a lot easier to control versus doing a big blob at once I’m going to leave it at that for now I’m going to go ahead and click the checkmark Of course we’re not going to leave it like this Because there’s obviously a missing gap where the pole used to be In the second step, we’re going to use double exposure to add the pole back You can use this tool for a variety of different reasons I like to use it to add extra grain to make my photo appear more vintage You can also use it to change the background completely So what I’m going to do here, is I’m going to recreate the missing pole Go to tools, Double Exposure Click on the left bottom icon to add an overlay Then what we’re going to do is use the exact same photo we used to edit As you can see, you can rotate it and scale it to whatever size you want In this case, I’m going to try to line up the pole from the overlay photo to the original That’s a pretty good match Now I’m going to go ahead and click the tear drop icon on the right This is where you can change the opacity of your overlay Because the pole is opaque I’m going to set the opacity to 100% And this is where you can check the placement of the pole so that everything is in check So once everything is good to go, go ahead and click the checkmark Now, don’t be alarmed with your missing original photo we’re going to go back and fix things So, let’s go to the undo tool but instead of clicking undo, we’re going to click View Edits Click on the Double Exposure you just added and click on the middle icon Here is where you can adjust the opacity of the overlay you just added So, in this case, if you click the little ying yang symbol on the left it’ll show the outline of the photo that you added on top of the original one And you want the double exposure to be at 0 ’cause what we’re going to do, is we’re going to erase everything but the pole that we’re adding. As I’m erasing the overlay the original photo comes back into appearance. You can also zoom into the photo, so you get a more precise erase line and I’m going to make sure that I’m not erasing the pole I like to do this when I’m on the go, or travelling especially if I don’t have my laptop on me Obviously using Photoshop will be a lot quicker and you’ll probably get a more precise removal but this is just one of the ways, It doesn’t have to be perfect, I’m a little bit of a perfectionist so I like to zoom in and go right to the edge, just so I know I’m not missing anything but because the photo is a little bit far in this case it really doesn’t matter too much Keep erasing, keep erasing Now, if you find that you erased an area like so that you didn’t want to erase, you just increase the exposure up to 100, and go over the same area that you accidentally erased and it’ll come right back. So even if you make a mistake, you can always fix it real easily Alright, here we go So, that looks like it’s about good to go So I’m going to go ahead and check, and click on the checkmark That’s not too bad If I zoom out, it looks like the pole was always there and there wasn’t a person to begin with But, because I’m such a perfectionist You see here with the jagged sidewalk If you wanted to clean up the edges you can I’m going to go ahead and do that, so click on the Healing tool again We’re going to see if we can clean up the sidewalk a little bit It still looks a little bit rough. If you still wanted to clean things up a little bit more What I like to do is use the brush tool Because this area is a little bit darker than the actual sidewalk in the photo I’m going to use the Dodge & Burn tool and lighten the area and then to ensure that the lines are a little bit smoother I’m going to turn Dodge & Burn down to -10 and see if I can darken these edges a little bit You can adjust it to however you’d like Until you’re completely satisfied with your removal So I hold down on the photo Before, after Honestly, that’s a pretty good job without Photoshop I must say myself So, there you have it! That’s one way to remove a person in Snapseed using only 2 tools Healing and Double Exposure If you’re lucky, you don’t even have to use the Double Exposure tool You can just use Healing So don’t forget to give this video a Thumbs Up if you want more Snapseed tutorials Let me know in the comments what tutorials you’d like to see And I just wanted to give a shout out to all of my 6000 subscribers I started YouTube in January, and never in a million years did I think I would be blessed with all of y’all following along my journey So, thank you and so this follow-up Snapseed tutorial is dedicated to all y’all Lastly, if you haven’t already, please subscribe and join the best family on YouTube And with that, I will see you guys next week or in a couple weeks, okay bai


  1. Diane Keetan Author

    Omg! You’re awesome! The overlay technique! Yes honeyyyy! Exactly what I needed to know! I always wondered how to fix things like that! Thank you

  2. Papali Dash Author

    Very Helpful! I use Snapseed regularly, but I have a question regarding 'Dodge & Burn'. How is it different from the 'Exposure' option in the Brush tool?

  3. Precious Dianne Zaldo Author

    Ive been using snapseed for years but didnt get the idea of using overlay after healing. A new subscriber from Philippines🤗👍🏻

  4. Kaushik kaushik Author

    Seeing your thumbnail, i thought u edited the same image, but no

    Some people already know how to do the things u said. Seeing your thumbnail thumbnail they would have thought that you are removing that person in the frame. Please don't do this it's very disappointing

  5. Alex Z Author

    Great tutorial, thank you. But you need to up your microphone game. Because the image quality is just gorgeous, nice bokeh in the background, lots of detail, color grading is very good, but the audio quality just doesn't match to this level.

  6. TJun Gan Author

    May I know how to make a person more closer into a group photo, because that person stood a little bit too far away in the group photo please help🙏

  7. Shy Nellie Author

    Awesome tutorial! It seems a little tedious especially when you're busy or on the go. I sometimes use Snapseed but recently I've been relying on Miku Limited for things like this since I'm always traveling. Professional editors quickly remove people or anything in my photos in a matter of minutes! To anyone who wants to try this, I can provide a link here:

  8. Crystal Author

    Thank you very much! I managed to remove some shadow from a photo today! I was so impressed with myself 😁. You have helped me loads and you no idea. Liking and subbing as I speak xoxo

  9. radib r. Author

    Everybody in the comment seems to forget that you wanted their opinion about if they wanted to see the same tutorial about photoshop.
    I for one definitely want a video about removing more people using photoshop.
    I searched for this and this is the video youtube showed at the top and I can see why.
    Your video was really helpfull and I'm am very grateful that i learned that.
    But my problem is that i want to remove much bigger object, that object is in the focus in the picture and to make matter worse picture is shot in night time. Please tell me if i can do that or make a video about doing it using photoshop or something.
    Anyway thanks again for that interesting video. Time well spent 👌.

  10. ghlyall Author

    Sometimes you can wait a moment until someone walks out of the frame. The key thing is seeing everything in the shot, not just the main subject. And fixing a photo later takes a lot longer.

  11. Ali Naqvi Author

    thanks… this just helped me save a picture with a random bystander in it …. especially helped knowing how to use double exposure to add erased objects back!


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