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How to select, crop and download point clouds

This video will show you how to select, crop
and download point clouds in NavVis IndoorViewer. The point cloud download feature in NavVis
IndoorViewer can be accessed via the Editor Modes menu. But you can also access it from anywhere in
your instance. In Panorama mode, right-click on your desired
location to call up the contextual menu, then select the option to “Crop and Download Point
Cloud.” This brings you to the 2D floorplan view,
with a box at the center. The collapsible menu on the right side of
the screen shows the datasets which comprise this instance. Click on a dataset to deselect it. Notice how the datasets are assigned a highlight
color to make it easier to visually distinguish point clouds from different datasets. Once the appropriate dataset has been chosen,
you can refine your selection within the box. In this example, a piece of manufacturing
equipment on the production line is being highlighted. Using the orange dots, you can customize the
size of the box for cropping and rotate it to omit any unnecessary objects. Note also that you can reintroduce additional
point cloud datasets to your selection at any time, without breaking the selection frame. Refine your point cloud selection even further
by switching to a 3D perspective. Here you can specify the area for cropping
from every angle. Using the blue, red, and green dots, you can
move, extend, and rotate the selected area. Blue represents the z-axis, red the x-axis,
and green the y-axis. Use the dots to enlarge or reduce the area
chosen for cropping, the straight axes to move the selected area, and the curved axes
to rotate the area along the XYZ dimensions. You can also refer to the 2D floorplan in
the secondary view at any time for contextual information on the precise location of your
selection, to ensure that no important information is omitted. Next, choose the reference dataset for your
point cloud selection and assign the E57 file with a filename. When you’re ready, click the “download”
button on the right-hand menu, and follow the system dialogue to download and save your
point cloud to your computer. With your new file, you can open, view, and
edit the point cloud using third-party software. Thanks for watching!

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