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How To Setup a Hydroponic DWC Deep Water Culture System

Hey guys in this video I’m going to show you guys how to setup our
Deep Water Culture Bucket Also, I’m going to share with you guys A tips that most growers don’t know But before I do first let me explain what
it’s all about DWC is the most purest and simplest form of
hydroponics And is a great system for beginners. The foundation of DWC is that your plants
are growing in Aerated, nutrient-enriched, temperature-controlled
reverse osmosis water. A huge perk to DWC is that your roots will become
massive And are less prone to root diseases. There some challenges when growing with DWC If you’re not constantly providing aeration,
that can cause algae, & root rot. We suggest to using reverse osmosis water and
a chiller because you need pure water and tight temperature control. You have to be super-careful about mixing
nutrients Measuring pH and PPM, and cleaning your DWC
units. In short, DWC is for growers who love hydroponics And want to take the time to tune their system
for maximum yield. The bucket we offer on our website comes with
a DIY bucket, a 10-inch bucket basket a 1/4 inch tubing, water level tube, and an air pump When you first start your DWC Fill your water to about one inch above the
bottom of the basket This is so the roots have something they can
easily access However once the roots start growing, You want to lower the water level so that the roots
have a reason to grow Add the amount and the type of nutrients to
the water Required for the type of plant to be grown Next attach the 1/4 inch tubing to the air
pump And then put the other half on top inside
to the bucket In this example, we use an air stone to keep
the tubing down And to help distribute the air a little bit
better Turn on the pump and you’re ready to go Use a second bucket to hold the plant while
you clean out the pot The reason why you want to clean
the pot Is because there will be excess nutrients
in the pot That are not being used, and if you just try
to add more nutrients to the solution then your PPM can get too
high And your plants won’t absorb the nutrients
that it actually needs The number thing that most hydro users forget Is to create the right temperature for the
reservoir Your ideal temperature is between 65 to 72
degrees If you’re having problems keeping your water
cold enough Then try throwing a bottle of frozen water
into the bucket I hope this video was helpful in teaching
you guys A little bit about Deep Water Culture We offer a really nice set on our website
at So if you guys want go to check that out,
click this link here With that being said, I’ll see you guys
in the next video, Bye


  1. SORCelement Author

    That's actually a pretty good way to chill your bucket without an actual chiller. Chillers are pretty expensive and if you grow on a budget, using something as simple as a frozen water bottle is pretty genius. I'd say the only thing to keep in mind is to use smaller bottles unless you're growing in a larger reservoir. Otherwise, great video and thanks for the tips!

  2. Kurt Jefferson Author

    Dude. This guy here is. the. man. Ive never subscribed to any channels since the existence of youtube until i started growing and this was the first. Great videos and comparisons . Keep em coming . Knowledge is power.

  3. cojztube Author

    interesting points ,if anyone else wants to uncover aquaponic gardening system try Tarbetti Amazing Aquaponics Tutor ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my neighbor got excellent success with it.

  4. dave oneil Author

    so u throw yr frozen water bottle into the water and if u manage to get thw water cool enought u put yr plant bk in. the next day or even just a few hrs later u check yr water and its too hot again. so u suggest u constantly freeze bottles of water? too much time and work buddy. thats not a solution

  5. Dustin F Author

    My friend is new to this. She has a grow 3×3 grow tent and will be using one bucket. She purchased the 6 site Bubble Brothers for some reason, to discover that she won't be squeezing 6 plants into a 3×3. She has a 400 LED which produces massive amounts of heat. She doesn't have ventilation for the tent because she's growing in a small room without fresh air. It's the only option she has. Is there any way to create fresh air in the room? Thanks!

  6. killerdemo Author

    For every 10 growers only 1 will go grow hydro, out of 10 hydro growers only 1 will be good at it. If you can get it down, Buds will look like they dipped in Coke, you know when you have legit hydro

  7. Beast God Author

    are the larger 12 in net pots better than the smaller 6 in ones? I imagine more potential for light getting into reservoir but also more room for root flexibility and growth idk tho

  8. William KERR Author

    I am finding DWC! this one seems great! becomes one of my considerations. I am now using MEIZHI LED grow light, I love it! Highly recommend to everyone, it is cheap and brought me big bud.

  9. Justin M Author

    The difference between a failed or successful DWC grow would be using Hydroguard by GH or not using it. I literally have seen a 3 inch 1 week and a half old plant with root rot grow to a foot tall by week 3…seriously use it…

  10. CoolKoon Author

    Nice tutorial, thanks (I saved it to my list of useful hydroponics-related videos). Is that tomato though? And isn't that small bucked gonna be, well, too small for the plant once it gets big?

  11. TaureanKing Author

    how often one has to chanche the waer of the buckets? and in these dwc setups, the resevoir are the buckets or other large container?

  12. Dr Dime Author

    If you wanna keep your water temp cooler, put your air pump outside the tent. the outside air will keep your water temp cooler than the tent by default(assuming it is actually cooler outside the tent, which I would assume to be the case in most cases). My room temperature outside the tent is the same temp as my water inside the tent(70°F) and im pretty sure that's why.

  13. America First Author

    Water temp was and is the first thing we think about in DWC , what a retarded tip 🤣 here's a real tip in the last two weeks of flower exposure your girls to lower temps ( larger than the 10 degree difference of nite an day) to get colorful buds!

  14. whatsmy nameagain Author

    I love how you all say, just use a chiller, like it doesnt need its own seperate tent or huge space… Smallest chiller cost more then 200 Gtfo.


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