1. Ellen Brechin

    My problem with knit, is , that it curls on the sides, then when I lay pattern on it, cut out my pattern piece, its curly, looks terrible. What can be done?

  2. Semper Fidelis

    Could you possibly always use a light fabric color and a dark thread color that way we can always always follow exactly what you're talkin about very light fabric preferably white and dark thread preferably black

  3. izabeau1953

    Very good information you gave, I always have problems with stretch fabrics. Specially the cotton you suggested. I didn’t think that the polyester cotton will be best for stretch fabrics. Will remember that and try the zig zag stitch….very happy to have seen your video…🌹❤️🌹❤️

  4. shelly morrison

    Not everyone uses the newst,and greatest machine. So info on what setting a,zig zag stich should be would be helpful. How about a closer look at the stretch stich so we can find something close on our machines.

  5. Kristin Kirby

    Great presentation! Very informative, and very concise. I would have liked to watch the actual sewing a bit more, and then a close up on the finished seam, held still for the camera. But other than that, really great.

  6. Old Begonia

    This was helpful…HOWEVER…I couldn't see what you sewed. It's been two years, maybe redo this with high contrast thread so we can SEE what you're doing. And why not stitch the whole way down each time? You did almost the whole, what, 8" the first time, then only about 2 inches the second time. ALSO…the whole measuring the stretchiness of the fabric. You need to tell me exactly what it's gonna say on the envelope. What EXACTLY am I looking for? It just looked like you lay the envelope down, then randomly stretched the fabric and released it. 50% of WHAT? You didn't show me. VERY PLEASANT presenter. I really liked her friendliness and voice. Please let her do the next one.

  7. Northern CPK Restoration

    Great instructor. Explaining sewing language used, so we learn. Speaking slowly & with well chosen words. I also enjoy the demonstrating what was just said – making this easier to digest.

    Keep up the great instruction videos.

  8. Tracy

    I'm new to sewing and your video helped me so much! I really appreciate it. Plus, your pretty face and smile make the video better. Thank you.


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