1. Tipsey Hussle

    im so slow 😅when she said shes a go pro pre washer i thought she ment she washes ALL of her clothes before she wears them.. but she ment washing her fabric b4 she cuts it😂😂 i was like Gewillikers🤔🤔.. thats a lot of damn washing😭 Save some 2 Free Willy with 🤷🏾‍♀️😭😂

  2. Lookit Uphey

    New sewer here. Purchased a piece of cotton material yesterday. Washed it, dried it. I also ironed it. When my material came out of the dryer it was completely dry. The material is so crooked there is no way I can get the selveges to meet without the rest of the material unable to fold right at all. If I fold the material in half, the tops of the selvege meet on the right hand side, but on the left the selvege takes a good 1 and 1/2-in dive. I've tried stretching the selveges, with no success. Should I just go get more material somewhere else other than the store I purchased this from?
    **Update. I decided to go ahead and try and rip it and it worked ! I actually had to do it a couple of times. I couldn't believe it when I folded the material the second time, but it folded correctly and my selveges matched.. The guy at the material counter had never cut material before. He turned it sideways, then cut it. Maybe that had something to do with it. Or maybe that's how they always do it. I just don't know.

  3. Bonnie Rae Konjevich

    In desperation, I used a single edge razor blade, on a mat
    to separate the cut fabric where blade dulled a second
    time. It worked.

  4. Willow

    Thank you for this video. I've been wondering how to do this. You explained it so well. Now I won't have wonky projects. Also, I've never heard of Synthrapol. I had to google it. (As they say, "google is your friend. LOL) I'm going to watch your other videos. You are a really good teacher. I love all the hint you gave also; especially the one about cupping your hand so the ruler won't slide. Thank you again for your video.

  5. Carol Tee

    I'm a new quilter and this is a great help! I've had trouble squaring up and I can see that this will solve my issues. I've been looking at it almost the opposite. Great! Thank you 🙂

  6. Judith Christensen

    Really helpful, Heather. I appreciate how you explain clearly & with a good patter in speech.
    You are easy to follow & understand,

  7. Nina Woodward

    Your demonstration looks & sounds very good it's so much better than some others I've watched. Just need to add that a quilt may not require a TRUE on-grain but if someone is sewing something to wear such as dress, I would want to "pull a thread" to find the TRUE grain so the garment is sure to hang correctly, especially after laundering.

  8. poocky100

    Thank you for the tips. Particularly holding the ruler with the tips of the fingers instead of the palm of the hand. I was doing it wrong n ruler kept moving

  9. Sheila Carroll

    As a beginner I have been looking for videos on how to square up my fabric and I came across yours. You explain it very well and make a task that I was dreading seem pretty easy. Thank you for sharing. 😊🌹

  10. Regina's Crafting And More

    Wow – I took several paid quilting lessons at "quilt shops" and NO ONE ever taught us to do that with the selvage…. Makes sense – Thanks so much

  11. Sherry Stacey

    So what if the fabric doesn't line up nicely when selvages are together? THAT is what everyone needs to show on youtube! THAT is the information needed.

  12. Marie Elizabeth

    You are a great teacher. This lesson was well planned and gave attention to the many details involved in the cutting process. Thank you!


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