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  1. RichieLarpa Author

    Thank you for your method. And were you joking about the fact that AE is scary?
    Mister, After Effects is my playground, I love that thing!

  2. Syoska Author

    Wow! – Just found this Clip.. I just started with Mocha AE CC and wasn't able to find any tutorial that fits my vision of the final result i wanted to get.
    Nothing worked fine because of one little detail i missed.. and you just opened my eyes.. the vCam. Thanks for that mate!! Now it's good.

    Belled and liked – haha

  3. NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100 Author

    for me it does this weird autofocusing thing, then distorts the image. it makes my footage lose tons of quality.

  4. Johnny Dos Passos Author

    2: 32 minutes to tell us to Open After effects ?? You are a very sympathetic and competent youtuber but you could have a shorter introduction, Don't you think? To compensate your video is very explicit as always … You are forgiven! 😉

  5. Kwame Kemet Author

    It's a great effect, but definately not an alternative to stabilization. If the purpose is to get stabilized shot, background elements need to be tracked, sequentially depending on the angle of shot, and sometimes when nothing is trackable its just not possible at all.

  6. BroKi Author

    Lol I can remember that when this video came out, I did not get any of this. Now Im watching it again and its perfectly understandable. Keep progressing guys!!!!

  7. Rod MacPherson Author

    Wow, I would have expected that to be easier in After Effects but my free copy of Hitfilm Express does the same tracking stabilization in fewer steps.

  8. Toby, Fire and Steel Author

    Hi Matti Heaps for tips. Love your vids Ive just come back to this one as I now need it. Is there any reason why the tracking would take absolutely forever ie 1 second of footage per minute? Thanks

  9. Dainlow 22 Author

    How is this effect called? If nobody knows how it's called, I'm using Davinci Resolve. How can make this effect inside Davinci Resolve 16?

  10. Mysteroo Author

    Wait you don't wanna use the warp stabilizer because of distortion? Just switch it from "warp" to "position/scale/rotation"

    This method is interesting, but definitely not "stabilized". It's camera-tracking. The camera isn't staying in place, it's following a moving target. And it is absolutely not the best option for every shot. This is what they did to anchor the camera onto IT when he danced around like a maniac

  11. PWL Author

    Love your videos Matti, but really struggle with this tip. I've tried it on two different clips tracking an individual's movement – one slo-mo, one real-time. Looks great for 2-3 seconds and then we get a big JUMP. Deleting keyframes doesn't work because the keyframes after the deleted ones are in the new position, so the jerk still happens.

  12. drake redwind01 Author

    please show how to: example
    stabilize the image with the background remaining where it is
    track something when something in the foreground covers it
    and just… This!

  13. 7armedman Author

    Yeah, it's not gonna bite, it's easy! First chart two boxes. Then attach the null to the box. Then create a flang! Now bart the flange! Then take six metas with the barted flange and triple them, then reverse it, then create a choritz and save the pierced shlum to the flarg!

  14. Bahinie Theva Author

    Thanks so much for this!! its quite amazing! but when i export it back into premiere pro and render its pixelated even on full resolution , and im using 4k red footage. any way to over come this? Thank you!

  15. Drem Author

    wow, warp stabilizer could be used when it isn't working to express dizziness and distortion, maybe when someone is drunk or just knocked out

  16. Ryker Edits Author

    1. Make A Live Photo

    2. In Your iOS Photos You Will Notice It’s Shaky

    3. Go To Google Photos

    4. Click On Your Live Photo

    5. Enjoy

  17. Peter Young Author

    Thanks for this, great tutorial which saved me with a time-lapse of a sunset. It had lots of camera bumps and the only thing I had to track/stabilise was the sun!

  18. Vizun Dokta Author

    The problem with your tutorials is that they are only targeting people with a limitless budget. I used to be a massive fan of Adobe but these days they are far too expensive. Subscription licensing is immoral and I refuse to pay even if I could afford it. You are supporting it and therefore I assume you are sponsored.

  19. Whan Author

    How my brain registers Matti talking… normaltalkingnormaltalking NULL OBJECT… so you can just go adasdkad NULL OBJECT! N U L L O B J E C T!

  20. D D Author

    I don't know why people are scared of after effects…. To be honest I don't know how to use Premiere Pro cuz I never needed it… I started from after effects and still on it 😅😅😅

  21. Jezer Garcia Author

    Thanks Matti! Yah! After effects won't bite. I can now say hello to annoying shaky footages because of this trick! And also, because of this, my YouTube content will go well. More power! 👊

  22. Solution Domain Author
    Time stamp 0:36–0:37

    Kindly teach above link time stamp effect used in video. Or at least tell me what we call that effect or editing technique please please


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