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How to start guppy farming ||Part 6|| Separating male and female, Best pellet Food, Feeding

Welcome to another awesome video of Guppy Wagon My name is Nikhil This is the 6th video of guppy farming series we are doing for beginners to Guppy Farming We have published five videos in this series before In the first video we have discussed about how to select a quality guppy pair and how to properly sett up a breeding tank before buying a new pair In the second video we discussed about how to transfer new pair properly to the new tank and how to give its first feeding In the third video we have discussed about how to set up guppies for mating, best ratio of males and females, the best food and feeding routine for guppies during breeding period In the 4th video we have discussed about how to identify guppies which are about to give birth and transferring them to breeding cage In the last video we have discussed about the feeding and water change of new born guppy fries All the links are given in the i button above and in the description area below make sure you watch all those videos to get a complete idea We do quality videos regarding guppy farming every Tuesday and Friday @ 7 PM IST. Make sure you subscribe to Guppy Wagon and hit the bell icon and click all to get notified immediately Before coming to the topic, our guppy wagon family now has more than 25 thousand members. A big thanks to all those who supported us till now As a token of gratitude we are planning a small giveaway We have not decided yet what to giveaway, my ideas are either a quality earphones or a good quality guppy pair or a premium guppy feed Please comment which one will you prefer We will pic the winner random there will be only one winner Please comment below what you prefer most In last video we have discussed about the feeding and water change of new born fries Now we can have look at the growth of the fries They are 3 days old now We have to give them today’s water change the fries are a little big now compared to previous video In today’s video we will discuss about how to separate the guppy fries into males and females These are 34 days old fries of Albino Red Snake Skin Guppies We ill now discuss how to identify the gender of these guppies at this age if you are planning to produce guppies with quality then this is an inevitable thing We have to do this at an early stage itself These are 35 days old Look closely to the fin under their belly( stomach) For males that fin is pointy- like an arrow for females the fin under their stomach will be round or oval This is the best way to identify the gender of guppy fries at an early stage Either we can separate males or females to another tank grow them out separately They will grow really fast and we can maintain the quality by avoiding unwanted crossing of poor quality fish Usually we separate them at 28 days age We can start feeding small size quality pellets at this stage itself We are using Hikari fancy guppy pellets We have used Northifn, Newlifespectrum pellets aslo But we got the best result from Hikari Fancy Guppy pellet We will now look into how to feed this pellet, how often, and what amount We have separated the males from the females and moving them to another tank we have conditioned earlier The water in this tank has the same temperature and PH that of the original tank So we can transfer them directly without any problem We can use the best males and females for them next breeding by following this method this is the pellet we are using This pellet gave us the best results Never buy a pellet that has no ingredients listed There are so many bad quality pellets in the market which labels high protein content and never tells bout any ingredients Always check the ingredients also while purchasing a pellet Hikari Fancy Guppy pellet is one of the best pellets for guppies available in the market It comes in a zip lock packet We will show you a=the pellet size and amount of feeding These are very small pellets. This is another advantage of this pellet its the perfect size for even small guppies There are around 15 females guppies in this tank each guppy need around 4 to 5 granules of this This is a semi sinking pellet It will sink after a few minutes so that fish can eat them at the tank bottom also these are red lace guppies These are blue diamond guppies In our experience this gives the best results Its MRP is 450 You can buy this on Amazon for 273 INR We are selling this for 260 rupees We will publish quality videos regarding guppy farming on Every Tuesday and Friday @7 PM IST. Make sure you subscribe to guppy wagon and hit the bell icon and click all to get notified each time we upload a new video A lot of awesome videos are coming in this Guppy farming Series See you all on coming Tuesday with an awesome topic. Thanks for watching 😊😊😊


  1. Pavu Varghese Author

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