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How to Temporarily Insulate Backflow Preventer in Case of Freeze

Hi my name is Dean from Reddi Irrigation
I’m here to show you a couple helpful tips on how to protect your backflow
prevention device from an overnight freeze. This is a backflow prevention
device, its purpose is to prevent any of the non potable water in your irrigation
system from back flowing into the city drinking supply. Couple things you’ll
need to protect your device is some old towels, a blanket, this one is a fleece or
an insulated one will work, and a small trash can or a trash bag. Take an old
towel or blanket wrap your piping as tight as you can Use more than one if you have to. After you’ve wrapped it just place a
small trash can or a trash bag over the top of the device as close to the ground
as you can. This will give you an extra layer of security against overnight
freeze, although we do highly recommend that you winterize the system to ensure
that there is no water left inside of it.

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