1. Lani Fernandez

    Hi there i really enjoyed ur video .. I wanted to know how to u transfer a drawing on velvet material and also photos on velvet material……

  2. Wanda Kowalski

    TAP was a great transfer paper. However, it has been discontinued and the woman who created says that there are no plans to manufacture it. If you do find it online, make sure that it's not too old. The medium on it can get dry and gets crumbly and it won't work anymore.

  3. Susan Thinnes

    This is a great tutorial Heather – thank you! I am so disappointed that TAP, Sewpaintable, and Golden Digital Ground have been discontinued. Would you consider creating an updated video with alternate method(s). Also have you tried inkAID, and if so what is your opinion of that product?

  4. Yvonne Thomas

    Thank you for the instructions. Little confused about the "TAP" product. Couldn't quite catch how the photo got on the TAP surface prior to transferring it to fabric. Other than that (and I will watch it a few times to see if it makes more sense), loved it all.


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