1. Svetlana AistCraft

    There are English subtitles on all ours videos. Ci sono i sottotitoli in Italiano. You can buy the paper here https://aistcraft.com/transfer-paper/1114-transfer-paper.html I show all process so long on purpose to nobody make a mistake when using this type of paper. If you hurry up and speed up the process, will get a crack on the film.

  2. Donna Lawson

    What kind of transfer paper? Do you have to use a specific type ink and is it dishwasher safe? How do you seal it to make it waterproof?

  3. Marjie NS816

    What is a sure way to know when the transfer paper has been in the water long enough? I enjoy your in depth tutorials very much. Thanks

  4. Marjie NS816

    Enjoyed this video and I have a question before ordering your paper. If my image is words only, how will this paper look where there are no letters, clear, matte, frosty? I am thinking of placing a message inside of clear photo frame. I hope my question makes sense. 😊

  5. Shakinna Murray

    hello i would love to make this for my niece graduation gift. I want to put her cap and gown picture on a plate. can I use a stoneware plate from the dollar tree? can I get this paper from Staples or print my photo from staples?

  6. Amina zubair

    CAN WE print image on a normal A*4 paper? or it has to be a transfer paper ? is it esily available in a bookshop..or photo printing shops?

  7. Diane Jordan

    Transfer Paper A4 is the transfer paper you use, can you feed it into any Laser Jet Printer? What type of printer or ink?This is really cool art!!!


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