1. close S

    This tutorial was very very helpful, thank you Tammy! I am enrolled in the Tiny Trio BOM and I just finished the Strawberry wall-hanging, the pressing sheet would have made it sooooo much easier, it is a must have!!

  2. Honey Sparkle

    I have been using Heat n Bond light. But having many problems with sticking. It tends to unstick after a few minutes, or when putting together 1 on top of another pieces then trying to put on background fabric for final stick – glue sinks into applique piece and doesn't glue to background! (this is all on fabric, no press sheet) what am I doing wrong?

  3. Debbie Chittick

    I use a light pad under the layout diagram and my pressing sheet the light really helps to see the placement so much better; especially when you have a couple layers of fabric to look through.

  4. Paticakes

    Thank you! I have one of these and it's nice to know "The correct way to use it" . Now to find where I stored it for safe keeping.Ha Ha! If I'm unable to locate mine I sure know my "Favorite On-Line Site has one!"

  5. Nc Kh

    Dear Jennifer, I learned so much toturial with your video, l made them and enjoyed. Thanks a lot. جنيفر عزير، من خیلی چیزها با ویدیو های شما یاد گرفتم، اونها رو درست کردم و لذت بردم. متشکرم.🌹


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