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How to Use Chopsticks

How to Use Chopsticks. Like skiing and speaking a foreign language,
chopstick use is a skill ideally acquired in childhood. But with a little perseverance, adults tired
of feeling boorish in Asian restaurants can become adept. You will need Chopsticks and patience. Step 1. In your right hand, traditionally used even
by the left-handed, rest the thick end of one chopstick on the webbing between your
thumb and forefinger so that about an inch of it sticks out beyond your hand, and rest
the other end on your ring finger. Keep your fingers loosely curled. Successful chopstick use depends on stabilizing
this bottom chopstick, which doesn’t move, to leave your thumb and forefinger free to
maneuver the top chopstick, which does. Step 2. Grip this bottom chopstick with the bottom
of your thumb so it is immobilized and sits firmly on your ring finger. You can use the tip of your middle finger
to stabilize the ring-finger end of the chopstick. Step 3. If you’re holding the bottom chopstick correctly,
your entire index finger and the top joint of your thumb are free to move around. Grip the top chopstick between the tips of
these fingers so that its tip lines up with the bottom chopstick’s tip. Step 4. To pick up a piece of food, maneuver the top
chopstick to grasp it with the tip and brace it against the bottom one. Etiquette requires that you use chopsticks
neither to chop nor to stick. For that, use knives and forks. Step 5. Now, carefully lift a piece of food with your
chopsticks, taking care not to let it slide out. Sweet success. Did you know Many sushi aficionados insist
that sushi should be eaten with the fingers—an excellent fallback position if you have trouble
mastering chopsticks.


  1. Cat Poke Author

    Ahaha! I've been using these for years (The wooden ones you get at cheap Chinese restaurants) and felt so superior to my family for being a genius chopstick user, only to find out I haven't been holding them right! Heh! It still worked, but not as well as this. Helpful video, thanks. 🙂

  2. XxMidnightDreamxX Author

    I'm here because I'm gonna be eating at a sushi restaurant. Last time I was there, I was the only person eating it with my hands because I couldn't use chopsticks. I felt very awkward. Hopefully practising with pencils instead of actual chopsticks (since I don't have any) will still work.

  3. Regan Pelletier Author

    My wife and I have a sushi place we love to go to at the end of our street and every time I go in I get massively embarrassed asking for a fork and knife I’m an uncultured swine lol

  4. Arianne Estacion Author

    I'm only here because I've been to numerous Japanese & Korean restaurants and I always have to make sure that they'd give me a spoon and a fork first before actually ordering. (I know almost all restaurants do that but my lingering anxiety just needs to know beforehand.)

  5. Mary Grace Serrano Author

    i saw someone used the chopstick without holding the second stick in the middle of ring and middle finger, meaning his only using three fingers (middle, point and thumb). how?

  6. Aquiel Womble Author

    I know I'm supposed to use my right hand but I have carpal tunnel in that hand so my hand was already hurting just holding the bottom chopstick…
    Hope people don't judge me got using my left lol

  7. Robie Jan Montales Author

    Them: i'm asian and i don't know how to use chopsticks. I felt shamed.

    Me: Boi! I'm filipino. We use spoon and forks. And we're ASIAN.

  8. Violet Z6 Author

    White guy Mark isn't using the chopsticks very well, he is mostly "scooping" with the tips, not creating a point to pick up food in between the tips of the end.

  9. Shitpost Cop Author

    Eating with chopsticks have led me to realize why asian countries tend to be skinnier than the west, a lot harder to shove food in ya mouth when you're too busy trying to pick the damn food up.

  10. Melissa Anderson Author

    I used this video with my 7th-grade students. I promised to teach them how to eat with chopsticks as a reward for good grades. We practiced using popcorn. They really enjoyed!


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