How to Use Temprid SC Insecticide

Temprid SC is an insecticide that is effective
for up to 90 days, controls more than 50 insect pests and requires a lower dilution rate,
allowing you to get more product for less money. To use Temprid SC, begin by shaking the concentrate
well. Dilute the proper amount of Temprid with the appropriate amount of water in a
hand pump tank sprayer. For maintenance or preventative treatments, use eight milliliters
of Temprid with a gallon of water. For severe infestations, longer lasting control and faster
knockdown of flying insects, use 16 milliliters of temprid with one gallon of water. One gallon
of diluted Temprid will treat one thousand square feet. For convenience and easier measuring,
Temprid SC also comes in 8ML single dose packs. For indoor use, use a low-pressure stream
on the sprayer to treat areas where pests are commonly found. Pay special attention
to the cracks and crevices along window and door frames, baseboards, corners, pipes, behind
and under appliances, wall voids behind outlet plates, and under sinks. After you have treated indoors, we strongly
recommend using this product outdoors around the barrier of your home or structure to create
a powerful barrier against outdoor pests. With a sprayer, apply Temprid from the base
of the foundation out about two feet on the ground, spraying all ground cover in that
area. Spray from the base of the foundation up about two feet on exterior surfaces. Make sure to read all instructions and the
entire label carefully to safely and effectively apply Temprid and keep pests away from your


  1. Demon50 Author

    Tried this stuff outside for fleas mixed with some archer igr and it didn't work very good if any, I sprayed it 3 times spaced out through a month period and never really made much of a difference from when I started it. To be fair I think it's mostly formulated for chemically resistant bedbugs and apparently it does a good job getting rid of them from the research I see but the product did have fleas listed as one of its target pests so I was pretty shocked when it didn't do anything for my problem.

  2. Priestess Auset Ra Amen Author

    Thank you for this video, I just bought six three packs of 8 ml of Temprid and wanted to know how to use it, it says 8 ml to 1 gallon but that does not seem enough, I have been using demon max for bed bugs I found in my son's room, which spread though out the house, I threw out his mattress and have done two treatment of demon max which killed the adults, however I still had a few little baby bed bugs hiding so I wanted to know if I can use two 8 ml and mix it in a gallon of water, this will be my 3rd treatment and I feel I have almost won the battle with these bugs, with just a few stragglers trying to hang on. also after I have done today's treatment using 16 ml, how soon should I do a follow up treatment, a friend of mine who also won her battle with beg bugs, say spray every 3 days, I don't want to poison myself and my children getting hysterical about bed bugs, since the major knock down was done and I was bitten last night by a tiny bug which I killed with 91% rubbing alcohol, I also bought Cimexa to sprinkle down once, I'm done treating. forgive the rambling bed bugs will have you shook lol

  3. Christine Torrez Author

    I have used this stuff for bedbugs and yup it works!! I have Never had them return at all! I used for scorpions, flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes….. all over a 4 year period. I spray every 6 months just for maintenance


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