How to work with a freelance textile designer. 9 steps of a freelance project.



    Where are you based …i have a small fashion label based in London At the moment i want to develop textile in block print with a modern approach …are you familiar with this technic.
    thank you for your uploads veryinformative..just found you this morning …with a cup of tea .!!
    [email protected]

  2. Vikas Deep

    sancia its great to see your work criteria, we have a reputed design studio India based, so we glad to offer to work with us/ you globally. you welcome at +91-98122-27797, thank you

  3. sheraine zeffrienne

    Thank you for this. Do you ever work from a laptop? And if so, can you recommend one please. Also is there anywhere to find out pricing/charges for designing a repeat pattern?

  4. Heendii Suryabrata

    Thank you for sharing your information, I am Heendii from Indonesia, I am also a textile design practitioner, I am painting for fabric as well. Thank you for your information once again.

  5. Jana GarcĂ­a

    Really helpful. I would like to know when you send the final project how you present the colours that you used? I would like to see if you send the swatch beside colours separate and the name of the colours. I would you explain a video with the colours and how you send them for they can print. Thank you very much

  6. Robin Seeherman

    Thank you, this was very helpful. Would you please make a video talking specifically, about what the client contract should contain legally and more about what designers should charge? Thanks


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