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How to zoom in on a video using VSDC advanced cropping effect

Hello everyone! Today’s tutorial will guide you through capabilities of the new Cropping effect with the focus on the “Crop and resize’ mode First, let’s add a video file to the scene using Drag&Drop or clicking the “Add object” button and selecting the “Video” option. Click ‘Video effects’, find the “Transforms” category and click ‘Crop’ On the right in the Properties window, you will see a tab with Crop parameters Select a crop mode according to your needs. In this video we’ll focus on the “Crop and resize” The “Aspect correction mode” allows you to select c ropping either to a smaller or bigger size The Cropped borders option is responsible for setting cropping borders according to certain par ameters. “Crop and resize” feature will help you smooth imperfections of the video during dynamic cropping Click ‘Crop tools…’ Choose the “Linear parameter change along a trajectory” parameter in the Properties window You will see a cropping selection area on the scene The timeline automatically switches to the cropping editing mode Shift the timeline cursor 3 or 4 seconds forward Using the left mouse button set a required cropping area Click the crop icon in the “Cropped borders” option and select “Set width according to parent’s aspect ratio” or “Set height according to parent’s aspect ratio You will see points on the chart below under the timeline cursor. These represent key cropping frames set for a specific time. The space between these points will be gradually transformed according to your parameters. Shift the timeline cursor 3or 4 seconds forward more. Before dragging the cropping area, select “Set width and height according to the aspect ratio of the previous point” type in the “Cropped borders” option. You need it to save the ratio of the previous key frame. You can drag the cropping area holding the central cross sign with the left button Click “Apply effect” button Zoom with the use of dyn amic crop is ready!


  1. jewo GRFS Author

    The best explained video so far.
    The narrator helps to understand what is happening at the moment.
    Bravo! That was missing ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ

  2. ฮ”ล‡แปฎฮฒIลž Eveningstar Author

    did all that in my long edited video only to find out that this effect is in the premium version……well done vsdc well done !!!


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