Huge Earwax Chunk Removal! | The Pun Guys

– Oh, my God! – I said do it slowly! (laughing) – We’re goin’ nice and slow. We’re gonna keep it goin’. (groans) Gotta go slow. I’m trying to go slow! – Ah, I want this to be over! Ah, this is so uncomfortable. (squirting) Ah, it just feels like– (screaming) Yo, oh my– (squirting intensifying) I feel like someone’s
blowing my brains out. (laughing) (screaming)
(laughing) Bro, I hate that. Oh, I feel somethin’. – There’s definitely some
(blank) at the end of your ear. – Ah, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. – You gotta suck in! – Hold on, I see a piece.
– You gotta suck it out! Suck it out! – I see a piece. – Just go softly! – It’s just gonna blow the chunks out. Oh, if it blows one of them on me, bro? (laughing) – There’s somethin’. – Somethin’ in there moving. – There’s somethin’. (groaning) – I can feel it, like it’s comin’ out. – Are you ready? We’re gonna take it slow. – It’s just water! – We’re gonna take it slow. – I don’t like things in my ear, though. I’m scared of it. I’m scared of it. (laughing) – It feels so dumb– And I don’t like this thing! (laughing) (yelping) I didn’t like that. (laughing) – How deep was that? Oh, man. That’s the most uncomfortable
thing I’ve ever felt. – Okay, you ready? ‘Cause this is gonna feel real violating. And you’re gonna hate it. That looks so nasty, bro. – Ow! Ow, that hurt. – Are you serious?
– Yeah, it actually did. (splashing) – Yo! – It did nothing. (laughing) – Because the wax didn’t come out! – I see somethin’ for sure. (squirting) – Ah, yeah, there we go!
– [Friend] Aw, what was that?! – Yo, yo, I felt– (groaning) – Guy!
– No, no, no, no, no… – [Guy] That’s the– (yelling) (laughing) – “I’m gonna throw up guy.” (laughing) – I’m the dirtiest person. (laughing) – That’s looks like, the mushroom came out of your ear! (laughing) – Guy, I’m gonna– (laughing) – [Friend In Beanie] Bits
of wax floatin’ around. Oh, Guy, you should drink it. (laughing) – Feel that!
– Why are you touching it?! – It’s hard as rock! – I can’t stop looking at it. – I’ve never smelled
something so nasty in my life. – Are you serious?
Get it away from me! – Oh my god, guy! Why do I like it kind of? (laughing) – Ah, it feels so good though. It feels so good! – I bet. ‘Cause you had a golf ball
stuck in your ear forever! – [Guy] Oh, no, this
is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen! – I can’t stop looking at it. – It’s like, oh, it’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen! – Ah, it’s so gross! – Oh my god, I can’t, why
do I keep looking at it? – Ah it’s a– (munching)
(laughing) – [Guy] I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you drink it. If you eat it, I’ll give you a thousand. – [Man In Beanie] Not even close, bro! Maybe 10k. (laughing) Maybe five bags, I’d do a quick shot. (laughing) – [Guy] Would you eat that for five grand? – [Woman] Probably. (laughing) – It’s just gonna start with– That’s how it’s gonna start, but we always sit here and go, – We’re gonna do ear irrigation! Ear-igation! (laughing) – Who’s goin’ first? Rock, paper, sciss-ears? (laughing)

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