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Hunter Dripline (HDL) Product Guide

Elevate your drip game with the best-in-class hunter drip line or HDL HDL offers the complete package and high-efficiency drip system irrigation and provides contractors with a host of benefits in the field Convenient color-coded striping allows contractors to quickly identify the flow in the field an advantage that provides significant time savings during maintenance tan gray and black earth tones complement the surrounding landscape Tan indicates 0.4 gallons per hour or 1.5 liters per hour grey indicates 0.6 gallons per hour or 2.1 liters per hour and black indicates 0.9 gallons per hour or 3.4 liters per hour purple indicates non-potable applications Because HDL is delivered in stretch wrap. It can be simply uncoiled in the field Whether stacked at the distributor or installed at a project site the stretch wrap allows the tubing to be easily unraveled from the inside of the coil Just pull the coil out from the center to get exactly the amount you need while keeping the coil neatly in place within the wrap a perfect solution for keeping the back of your truck uncluttered Use PLD lock fittings for maximum efficiency and faster connections during installation HDL also works well with Hunter standard barbed fittings HDL features highly efficient pressure compensating emitters surrounded by tough thick wall drip line Each emitter has a multi zone Inlet area with 40 built-in filter inlet ports an extra wide labyrinth pathway to maintain high turbulence and prevent clogging and Almost 300 percent more functional filtration area than other drip emitters In addition the eco-friendly HDL is engineered with approximately 80 percent pre-consumer reprocessed resins offering a superior level of sustainability without sacrificing quality Most competitor products are made with UV damaged post-consumer recycled resins HDL is the ideal solution for diverse drip applications and three convenient pressure compensating options choose HDL PC for standard installations HDL CV for sloping or subsurface applications that require a check valve or HDL-R when using reclaimed water Install HDL at grade or subsurface to effectively and precisely irrigate shrubs, gardens, turf perennials and trees HDL offers the complete package and high-efficiency drip system irrigation with three pressure compensating options and Color-coded stripes to help easily identify the flow in the field hunter drip line is the best solution for diverse drip applications

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