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Hunter or farmer, what should a modern salesperson be? – Dr. Martin Auer MBA (140)

Hello! This is Martin Auer speaking again from Science
Sales Academy. This video is number 140 and it is about the question: Hunter or farmer, what should a modern salesperson be? Do you know these expressions “hunter” and
“farmer” in terms of salespersons? Some types of salespersons are referred to
as hunter type whereas others are referred to as farmer type. The hunter type is – well – a hunter: good
in acquiring new leads and converting them to customers. This type is very successful in closing deals. The hunter type often shows tunnel vision,
going directly to the target, which is: the closing of the deal. The hunter type is less good at maintaining,
grooming and deepening existing customer relationships over a longer period of time. The farmer type on the other hand, is very
easy and likes it more to build up long-term customer relationships and to maintain and
to further intensify them; however, the farmer type does not feel very comfortable in cold
acquisition and sometimes there is also a slight lack of so called “closing strength”
or “closing reliability”. In the former sales world, the hunter types
were clearly more in demand when it came to a successful salesperson or the selection
of a salesperson. Today, however, the prevailing opinion is
that a good and successful salesperson should have both behavioural patterns – hunter and
farmer – in his or her repertoire, because both are equally important for long term success in sales:
You need to fill your sales pipeline, your sales funnel, initially with new leads and
you need to convert those new leads to customers, of course. But you also need to maintain, to develop and
to groom existing customer relationships – the customer base. However, it should be kept in mind that the
two of them, hunter and farmer, are fundamentally different behavioural patterns, which is an
enormous challenge both in the selection as well as in the training of salespersons. Therefore, it has always been difficult to
combine both hunters and farmers in one single person. But perhaps it may even be easier today than
in the past. One reason for that could possibly be the
following: The very initial business contact today in many cases takes place via the internet,
after the potential customer has already obtained a lot of information via various channels
(social media, homepage, evaluation platforms, etc.) One could also say that in many cases this
hard, initial, personal cold cold acquisition contact with absolutely no contact beforehand,
no longer takes place in this form, because in most cases there is actually already some
relationship before the first personal contact, at least in the perception of the customer
– and be it only on some social media or on the homepage. Even if we from our perspective as salespersons
may not have noticed this very first Business contact yet. This takes the hard tip out of the cold acquisition
situation, so to speak, so that these situations are also easier for the farmers among the
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