Hunting Pennies – Wheat Back Ender

all right everyone we’ve got a couple of
bank boxes of pennies that I picked up from our Wells Fargo and after being Oh
for the last four weeks when I went to pick these up I said I’m opening them to
see if I even want to take him in my mind I didn’t set it in the bank but I
grabbed him went out to the car and opened them because if they’d been
uncirculated again I was gonna walk right back in there and say I’d like to
make a $50 deposit so that’s why they’re open I did not want to risk bringing him
home and having them add to my stack of 2017 DS that I have which is now seven
boxes deep because I deposit a few dollars worth a few weeks ago but I want
to show you something so I went to check them to make sure they were circulated
pennies and they are as you can clearly see didn’t see any awesome mentors on
this one didn’t check the other side but on this one when I opened it look what
we got right here we got ourselves a wheat back ender! so I will be opening this
one first curious to see what year it is judging by the condition of the week
it’s probably in the 50s but I’ll take it
I haven’t had a week back in there in a while so we’re gonna start the hunt
today with this box and that rolled all right let’s get started with this wheatie
under here pretty good amount of copper in there it
looks like set that down and we’ll start with the wedi 1955 D not too bad
while I have you here we’ll just check to see if there’s any other Wheaties in
the role does it look like it but no worries we’ll start off the first role
with a 1955 that’s not a bad start we’ll be back in to find anything else
okay everyone this is a good side we’re in our third role and look what’s
showing itself another wheatie looks pretty good
1944 plain Philadelphia Mint pretty common here but you know what we’ll take
it that’s our second we in our third role let’s keep looking alright we’re in
our eighth role and I spy another wheat cent it could be a little older it’s not
looks like it could be 56 yep 56 d well take it
it’s our third wheats into the box already let’s get back to the hut order
our ninth roll and I just opened it and check this out looks like we got a dime
in the roll problem is not looking silver you’re gonna give me a dime in
the rolls and though it’s making 9 cents wouldn’t mind it being silver but it’s a
1969 denver and we made a little money 13th roll the box and i splayed out the
roll and I noticed this Foriegn back here ooh 1963 good ol young head we’ll take it
put it with the foreign area so we’ve got an ’09 a dime a Foreign and three
Wheaties so far let’s keep looking alright guys roll number 16 looks like
we might have another dime it looks like it’s a little bigger than the dimes but
hard to tell probably a dime let’s go and pull it out here it is a dime it’s just
a flattened dime geez it’s like it was hammered out just to… yeah it’s like it
was hammered out to fit the roll I knew it looked a little bigger than a normal
time and you can tell it is but it is a dime nonetheless let’s get back to the
hunt okay guys roll number 29 and look at
this this dark one caught my eye and look what it is it’s a dark and we do looks like
it’s a pretty good shape man it’s been through a fire or something but I will
take it 1958 D I bet you if this thing hadn’t been in a fire or whatever it
would been through it would be in immaculate condition Wow
yeah it’s a pretty dang good shape other than the Tony from the heat or whatever
got to it anyway it had been a dry streak it’s only our fourth wheatie we had
three in the first handful of rolls and then went on a cold spell so good to see
one let’s get back to the hunt okay guys rolled it for 31 and we got
ourselves another wheatie it could be old it could be in the 40s let’s take a look
1946 s you know what I I don’t have a ton of those I have about 20 of them so
common pretty common almost 200 million minted so it’s not like it’s a key date
or a little bit variety it is the same system in which is nice but we’ll take
it and we’ll take it because it’s only our second 40’s wheatie and fifth out of
the box so far let’s get back to the hunt and then we’ll get onto the other
29 rolls well the 38th roll the box and you guys know I pull out the 1959’s but I
just wanted to show you this one look at the toning on it that’s pretty cool
backs a little jacked up but I mean that is I love it like 1959 s and I love this
rainbow looking tone to it and actually other than the toting it’s in really
good condition I don’t know just something about a clean looking coin
it’s nice but for me the good-looking Kong with some awesome toning fantastic
I love the way it looks anyway I want to show it to you it’s our
first 59 of the box you know I pull them out cool cool Toning I’ve never seen a
coin toned like that let’s get back to the hunt we’re all number 40 and we
spilled out another wheatie here guys I’ll have to see what it is
1941 Philadelphia it’s our oldest one of the box
not exactly a stellar year but we’ll take it now we have six Wheaties in the
first four rows so maybe we’ll get seven or eight keep our fingers crossed
alright guys same role as that 1941 wheats
and just wanted to get your input on this I have never seen a 2015 d or
almost any coins for that matter that looks like this you know it’s got like
that black beauty look to it like you would see on nickels from 58 and 59 when
they work properly a deal I’m not saying that that’s what this is I’m just saying
it’s just an odd coloring and it has this almost like a film around the outer
edge like it was set on something but it’s even the same color under that
little bit of chalkiness it’s a very weird point it’s like it’s completely
that color that toning all the way through it looks almost like it was
improperly annealed honestly but I could be wrong
maybe this was done after the mint maybe someone actually did this to the coin
maybe it was just an environment that this happened but man it’s so properly
and evenly toned for the most part anyway I just wanted to get your input
have you seen a coin like this before and if you have let me know if you found
anything out about it maybe I’m just reading into it maybe it’s nothing you
know us coin collectors sometimes we see something when it’s not even there but
I’m pulling it out anyway because it’s kind of a cool find we’ll put it up here
let’s get back to the huh all right everyone another penny box
searched we have completed the hunt we end up with a low 326 coppers we did get
a couple of dimes and that kind of cool toned maybe improperly annealed 2015
penny we also ended up with 11 of the 2009 one Canadian 1963 a couple of 1959
as you know that I collect ones got that really cool Tony I love it we end up
with only six wheaties but we got a 41 Philadelphia 44 Philadelphia 46 San
Francisco 55 Denver 56 Denver and 58 Denver the fight of the box has to be
this 1946 San Francisco minted Lincoln penny
it only has about a hundred and ninety eight million minted so obviously it’s
not under that fifty million mark but compared to the other ones it’s
definitely the most or the least minted I should say and then I’m torn between
like and not the best or love of this 1959 cool toned one the best
Tao any extent, I hope you enjoyed the hunt with me if you did as always please give
the video a thumbs up if you’re not a subscriber I ask that you please
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new videos come out happy hunting everyone and as always thanks for


  1. RobFindsTreasure Author

    Another fun penny hunt and this box kicked me off with not only circulated coins (finally!) but a nice wheat back ender to boot! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy this hunt with me!

  2. Andrew Myers Author

    Always fun to find wheat pennies. My last box had five; a 45, 46, 46 D, a 55 D. And the best was actually the first, a 1927 plain. Great hunt.

  3. christina F Author

    Nice finds. That 2015 is kind of neat. I like the color. Also I have only ever found 2 2009 pennies. I only do 5 to 6 rolls at a time. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dana Howell Author

    I just picked up a box of nickels and a box of pennies yesterday myself. I've never hunted nickels before, so was looking forward to it, however, I opened the box right there at the teller window and it was all brand new rolls. The pennies were great though, as there was a wheatie ender in my box. I immediately returned the nickels and went home with only the pennies. It was my best box ever, as I ended up with 17 wheaties, although the oldest one was a 1941, so that was a little bit of a downer. I've gotta open an account with a couple of other local banks, as my tellers always give me dirty looks when I walk in the door….especially after returning that nickel box without even leaving the building…Thanks for the video…happy hunting!


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