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Hurry The Cold Is Coming! – Welker Farms Inc

morning everybody so we parked the bus
last night right here we got a little our thousand acres and winter wheat in
and we don’t know how much we’re going to do we like more it just is a lot of
moisture in the ground forecasts it’s just hit miss they don’t
think they say like I need to rain it’s coming and then it just disappears
so I’m gonna go where I’m looking all we got left of the trucks and the air
drills as far as seed fertilizer I mean we can figure out piece of land here we
can finish eating everything out rather than put this stuff back in the bin so
just take a look and see what we got okay this truck is about three-quarters
full so we’ve got at least 450 bushels in here all right first up 43 50 there
can’t be more than 25 bushels in there so that’s not a lot
little fertilizer hoppers almost full 3850 let’s see what’s inside this thing
this one’s got some more into that stairs at least I tested at least 40 to
50 Bush on their little hopper it only about a third left and the back is empty
well after talking about it we’re gonna go ahead and seed out the seed ups in
this air drill it’s got more fertilizer than seed so then we run out of seed
will take this back to the are gonna take the fertilizer out of that cart put
it in that truck and then that air drill is gonna see it’s got more seed than
fertilize just gonna keep seed and then we’re gonna add fertilizer along to that
one from this one till that one’s done and then we’ll add seat in that to
finish up the fertilizer no that’s done then we’ll winterize so we’re looking at
about another 40 to 50 acres at least leg arms yesterday had the middle tank
bridge it wasn’t running fertilizer out so I got a Mallee here I’m gonna smack
on a little bit while he runs the fan and meters see if we can get it to drops
we’re gonna break that bridge out herbs going around the calibration for a
second here and meet her out a little bit let’s give it sprays fertilizer yeah there’s fertilizer come out of
there okay they’re off the races again since we’re gonna just finish up winter
wheat with what we have left in the drills we won’t need any more seed from
this truck maybe I should say a little bit maybe just to finish that whatever
fertilizer we have left cuz I want to keep the ratio right so we’re gonna save
what’s in this truck right here auger back into the seat bin with our
fertilizer auger so that way cleans it out because it’s got fertilizer residue
in it I always love watching those things drive away ok where was that so
the other day I didn’t have it on the video I was going to I actually hooked
the 71 40 Magnum case tractor up tour we have a right way 70 foot heavy Harrow
and I was hoping to be able to clean up some of the piece doubles so we could
see that we decided against doing that anyways with all that said while I was
driving the right way Harrow back all this up the parking brake kicked on
grinding as I was cruising on the road so I hit the clutch press the clutch the
floor press the brakes the floor stopped found out a spring broke in the linkage
of shifting so now it always wants to be in park so I got to fix that before I
can hook the tractor which is over there up to this auger which is right here so
we can get the fertilizer or the seed that which is in there back into the bin
which is way over there oh well do it I probably mentioned this in the past but
fertilizer is extremely corrosive it’s like acid the metal just eats it up bad
so anytime we expose any of our equipment to fertilizer we try to clean
it up at the end of the use so that way it doesn’t eat on it throughout the
winter and so that’s why that auger we’re gonna wait to run clean seed
through it because that’s bass like scrubbing it with a brush scrubbing the
insides out getting all that fertilizer dust out of all the joints flighting the
universals all that stuff the gearboxes and so when we’re done with the air
drills as well we’re gonna drop the manifolds in those cars to take the
rollers out pressure wash a lot on the inside blow it all off let it dry let it
clean and that way hopefully we won’t have as much damage throughout the year
so here’s the Magnum right here is the spring that broke and
that holds the parking brake when you pull the lever back right here from park
which is right up here you pull it back this spring pulls this linkage back
right here and keeps this out of park so what I’m gonna end up having to do okay
I had a wire in the tractor I was able to wire it fairly tight so I at least
get back home but it’s starting to grind again I got to either a wire this
linkage back tight even tighter with the pliers and wire to keep it out so we can
at least use it and then hopefully find a spring either I’ll order one for me we
have one in our inventory that might work but yeah that’s kinda what’s going
on at this tracker so I’m gonna see if I can limp this over to the shop this
oughta do it life hack 101 on the farm take a wire
wrap it twice use your pliers twist it up and that’ll cinch this wire nice and
tight and I won’t have my reverse gears here but I got reversed down here this
will be fine for the time being and then when we the spring order being put in
your spring in this unit and get rid of that wire but it’ll work now yeah just
hook the tractor up to the auger I want to put the PTO on the PTO spines over
here and that’s that sweet bunch of freeloaders those guys
eating on our spilled rain now that’s done I’m gonna jump in the pickup but I
left over another day I’m gonna go grab my drone out of the big bud that leg
arms in I’m gonna fly the drone a little bit cuz I think it’s a cool shower right
now and that might be all the big butt footage I get this year let’s do that
this is what happens when you drive over old straw it’s like a big break he’s gonna turn around so he moves
around this doesn’t pick this up this was a lake bottom formerly this here
there’s a bunch of straw it’s laid over when straw lays over sideways it bunches
up like this well I took over four leg arms I’m
basically running out the seed this thing right now we have more fertilizer
than the seed runner on the seed out and then we’ll
take fertilizer out of the cart that’s back there that’s gonna go on the other
blood which is way over here and I’ve been stopping it starting to
stop and start and stop and it’s starting and starting to stop it and
turn it and turn it and stop and start at all for this that’s my new video
coming I really hope it turns out because not only to that camera cost a
lot of money but I’m gambling on some kind of early experiment of how much to
do so ya expect an interesting video coming really interesting I’m carefully
watching that number right there see it says 806 as soon as that drops down
about 600 that means I’m out of seed metal wing this baby up and take her
home and that’s the last this Bud’s gonna be running this year number
dropping down sea tank is running out right now
real slow he’ll drop up real fast here second yeah that’s it just finished the
seat out I’m gonna run this back the shop we’re gonna drop the manifold sling
underneath logger out whatever fertilizer is left in this great tank
and then we’ll put the fertilizer in the truck and the truck will take it to the
other air cart which is over in the field steel below the fertilizer into
the air cart and then that’ll finish seat now until it runs out of seed and
fertilizer hopeful at the same time it’s easy so we just drop the manifold
that’s hydraulics there’s a lever right over here
you pull that this little manifold will drop down the center takes got
fertilizer at this one right here so we’re gonna swing this auger off or
underneath that and then drive this truck underneath there yeah unless underneath the augur here so whatever’s left of that hopper now
being evacuated into this truck we climb to take a look and see how much is in
there little panoramas for you guys there we go so here’s all the meter
rollers for each tank one two three so it took them all out hopefully those in
will put those in the shop for the winter and then we’ll clean the bottom
of all this up and get this ready to winterize a pressure washed off the tank the
manifold took battery out of the air card and took all bunch electronics out
of here all my stuff the cab up washed off with stuff I’m gonna go park this
drill and the bud and we’ll leave them connected because we might not run this
but until spring wait find a nice spot here in this field let’s line her up as
straight as I can winging it out shot it down hopefully sometime this
winter we can sell all that we get that building cleaned out and put that inside
there that’d be nice changes see here again so there’s a breeze coming
probably tomorrow night to the next few days we have well below freezing so we
got to get some of this equipment that uses water winterized
but there’s CRP land that we ripped up this summer was still alfalfa growing in
it how alpha is extremely difficult to kill but if you spray it right before it
freezes the plant sucks the chemical down into the roots and it hopefully
does this good winter kill so I’ve got a badge of chemical here for some speed
goats all running away right there so I’m gonna go ahead and hit this hit
the CRP ground we’re gonna spray it with some good stuff that’ll hopefully knock
it down hard right before the freeze and then hope this next year and we’re gonna
see it too probably spring wheat there won’t be the alfalfa growing in it and
yes if you’re wondering this is the brood I missed him it’s been a while I can’t wait for this field to be over
it’s poor sprayer that was some of the roughest sprain
I’ve never done it was terrible that field is gonna need to be plowed
again believe it or not it’s starting to rain outside good thing for us because
winter wheat in the ground bad thing for some guys they still got crop in the
fields to cut I feel terrible for them I hope they get that wrapped up soon but
tonight’s to be the first night in quite a few months it’s gonna freeze so I got
to get the sprayers ready for winter since I’ve done with a brute I’m gonna
take it over the shop and I’m gonna pull the filters off and maybe put some
antifreeze and some couple tubes and hoses here and there and just try to get
as much water out of it as I can and that way they’ll make it through the
winter and then I got to the Apache after that so let’s go winter eyes that
stuff get it ready for the freeze tonight and then we don’t have to worry
about it because if that stuff froze it’d be an expensive repair you know
what your sprayers to freeze all right so yesterday it kept raining on us we
got about a half inch or so and somewhere in that area for ten to five
tenths of rain which is a lot more than a forecast we’re just surprised because
there recently their forecasts have been way off the mark so that was good
our winter wheats in the ground it’s got some moisture it’s hopefully gonna start
sprouting it was also good that we quit seating because we were able to clean
everything up but get stuff put away before the rain but because the rain on
yesterday I didn’t get these winterized so instead we just put them in the
building overnight and what I’m doing right now is I got the Apache at 10:10 I
just put about a hundred gallons of clean water in it I’m gonna go full
moves out I’m just gonna spray that water out on the ground
we run clean water for all citizens reason for doing that is because I don’t
want to be changing filters and taking hoses off with chemical spill on all
over me I wear gloves I’ll have all that good stuff on but there’s this it’s just
messy we take stuff off these things it just leaks chemical everywhere it lasts
chemical I was in this prayer was paraquad which is terrible so by putting
clean water through it it really dilutes the amount that was in there that was
already diluted because it’s not pure it’s it’s just safer for me it’s cleaner
I like your unclean water food system so I’m gonna spread out I’ll do the same
with the brood and then get this thing winter ice we can put in a building for
the winter so we’re draining this thing we got to take out the plug on the on
the fill cone here that’s a plug right there pulled out already and there’s a
plug in the bottom of the pump that’s important drain that one and then you
got to open all the valves up and everything so that everything flows down
to the lowest point and then I gotta take this mean filter housing off run I
look food out of that and then there’s five five filter bodies back here for
the five sections controls every one of those got to come off and then when we
go down the line here we’re gonna take this anti drip cap off every one of
these up and down the wing so sometimes you can hook an air system to these
sprayers and blow air through the system and blast it all out but the way this
sprayer set up I can’t figure out how to do it without getting air going back
into the tank so we’re gonna go ahead take everything off manually we’ve done
that for the past several years filter out see all that junk in there that’s all kinds of goodies of dirt and
anything that’s dropped in the tank while you’re spraying and could have
been a cap piece of paper or something I don’t know but yeah that’s how you clean
for the xxxx off the best side we’ll keep that in the bucket spring will
clean itself together yeah loosen the bubble filter housings they’re just
dripping out they have a little pressure in them so once that pressure runs out
then I’ll finish taking them off the next steps take off every one of those
caps right here this right here it’s an anti drip cap and there’s a little bit
of water and every one of those housings that’s the brute pulled up to the shop
here hung it out I’m gonna try to hook the air hose which I got on the ground
right here you can see – a cap that I’ve got a valve stem on and I believe the
way the plumbing is on the brute I could turn a couple valves off and I can throw
air pressure then through the rear manifold and then it’ll go out to the
actual sections and throw the nozzles and blow all the water that’s in the
system so let’s try it let’s just see if it works I got one in the monitor and
set a couple settings and we’re good to go but if it works that’s sure speed
things up a lot just put some air on here strike their own Samara through
education and the tank rinse oh yeah I just hear it inside the tank it’s
splashing around I’m working guys can’t really tell but this section here
spraying I’ll come look out so I’ll switch the other section and then just like the Apache i’ma take these I believe we got everything out of this
we won’t just want to get any standing out of any low spots because when it
freezes Italy spin in fact far as I can tell all the waters out of it I’m
winging it off target and then it would define ability to put it in that the
great cuz I don’t we’ll also get some weed out of this
building over here Oh soon of course after I hook everything up and
run the airline to it that I forget realize that leg arms put an airline tie
into the system right here that runs a pair right no thanks oh uh yeah well
I’ll remember that next winterizing so that’s only what like twelve months from
now okay well so if you guys like this channel and the content and what’s going
on and everything and how these videos are being produced subscribe to the
channel like the video leave a comment or two whatever you decide and that will
get towards 100,000 subscribers we’re getting close I’m about like what 14
thousand away so I just want to get there before Christmas that’d be awesome
so though anyways yeah let’s figure out now what we’re into on the farm because
parse is done planting is done sprayers winterized see our piece taken care of I
think our next step is to move some grain bins with Bob’s big bud bin boom
that’s coming up here could be a week or two


  1. boer brabant Author

    Smashing the sub and like button but doenst work more than one time:) I think you should do dayly fs 2019 streams about 14 hours long for the rest of winterπŸ˜‰

  2. Adrian Klaver Author

    Thanks for the video, a nice bookend to the cranking up videos of the Spring. Re: the Apache sprayer and blowing out the lines. Seems it would be possible to plumb in a T directly upstream(or downstream) of the mainline Y filter. On the upstream leg of the T put either a shutoff valve or check valve and on the free leg reduce down to an air fitting. That would isolate the tank from the air flow and allow you to blowout the lines. This would be similar to what we did when blowing out underground landscape irrigation systems before winter, to keep air from going the wrong way and getting into the house plumbing and blowing up toilets for instance:) Just a thought.

  3. Matthew Necessary Author

    love the videos Nick I play farming simulator on the welker farms map and greetings from West Texas mish we could have a winter like y'all have but keep the vids coming man

  4. 46Rambo Author

    we started using a Hotsy we picked up. any thoughts on using hot water to clean equipment, big difference around here. Kids and their electronic devices, whatever it takes to make it fun for ya.

  5. Vishal Chauhan Author


  6. andrew killen Author

    Maybe we can look at the equipment in that barn that you showed just alittle bit of while putting the grain truck in before it started pouring down rain???

  7. Elistaer 85 Author

    How was your harwest in Weat running this year?

    Eastern Germany was horrible with about 50% under the normal amount on weat and corn is between 60cm – 2.0m so also a lot of losses, hey was possible only in spring the 2. Cut is what the 3. Cut normally was.

  8. runway heading Author

    I’m hooked on this channel! It’s not something that the average guy has a chance to experience. One thing I think would be interesting is seeing some of the crazy thunderstorms you get on the farm. I would imagine that you see some powerful storms!

  9. Gavin Mcvey Author

    Av got some bud n seeds u want some😱😱😱😱😱make a giant big bigger bud πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  10. jcsrst Author

    I am getting the impression that a big part of farming is being a mechanic and maintenance specialist! It must be expensive taking care of all that equipment.

  11. Eric Corse Author

    Legarms , the first time an apt moniker. The first couple of times I heard you say it I though you were saying legirons. Great channel.

  12. The Metal Butcher Author

    Hey Nick. On your sprayer why don't you replace the valve stem with a male quick connect, then you can just hook the hose up and walk off? You might have to drill it out, and you'd need a valve. Or use a female and a double male.

    Edit: Errr, I reckon I should finish the video first haha!


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