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Hybrid – Garden Glossary

. Hybrid. – Hybrid, oh, yeah, yeah, that’s those cars,
right? – The new, yeah, the new hybrid cars. – New hybrid cars, yeah, okay, next one. Yeah, hybrids can get a little bit sticky,
because in plants, a hybrid is something that we have manipulated. It’s not somethin’ that typically we term
as occurring in nature, although they do. Plants cross-pollinate between different species
all the time, but a hybrid is somethin’ that’s usually done by scientists to cross two different
varieties of, say, tomatoes, to get a better plant. Typically it would be to get those traits
that would make it a better product, a better tomato, more disease resistance, things like
that. So a hybrid is a plant that is the cross between
two different parents, and a lot of times, if you save the seed from a hybrid, which
is questions, we get those too, right Chris? – [Chris] Mm-hmm, yes we do. – They sometimes will not breed true, because
they’re from two different lines, and then that plant sets seed, well obviously it was
pollinated from something else, so you’re not really going to get that hybrid plant. So the only way you’d get another hybrid plant
is to go back to the original cross, cross again, and get the hybrid plant that way. Or you can even, like a tomato, you could,
you know, clone it, take a cutting. You know we talked about taking the suckers
from tomato plant, I mean that would, that’s a clone. So that’s the same as the parent, but that’s
usually what hybrids are. Something that we have manipulated through
genetic breeding to establish a new plant that has good characteristics of both parents.

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