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Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent GrowAce Review | Horticulture Indoor Gardening

Check out the new and improved Yield Lab
Grow Tents. Unlike other grow tents, Yield Lab Grow
Tent’s durable frame comes with one piece
connectors. No Plastic. No small parts. All metal. Yield Lab Grow Tents uses extra strength oxford cloth making it tear
resistant. So unlike most flimsy grow tent frames
and low-quality materials, putting up the Yield Lab’s strong frame and durable fabric allows
for a stress-free build. Other grow tents have cheap ducting ports
with no way of closing them or tightening them down to ducting. The duct ports on the Yield Lab grow
tents are two-sided duct ports for easy ducting installation. Push ducting through the ports and use the high-tension draw string to tighten. If a duct port is not in use, Yield Lab provides velcro lined duct-covers to keep air and light where it’s suppose to. cross-beam roof support helps to maximize your
setup and hold up even the heaviest lighting and filtration units. Other grow tents fail to even have
multiple cross-beam supports. Customizing your setup with our 6 inch
duct ports allow for maximum efficiency, cooling
your lights and maintaining your atmosphere. Other grow tent feature/benefits include: A professional grade 100% mylar
interior for strong wall-to-wall light reflection, Velcro-lined bottom pre filters to keep your
atmosphere perfectly maintained, Front windows with reinforced seams for
easy viewing… without changing the inside atmosphere, A
backdoor for your convenience, A built in storage pouch for instant access to all your gardening needs, and a thick spill tray for any unexpected
water leaks. With the variety of sizes to choose from… trade in your old grow tent for a Yield Lab
Grow Tent and start getting the yields you’ve always wanted.


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