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I Ran A Farm For A Week 🤠

*runs in spanish * Okay, I’m gonna close it hello, hi, hola, privyet My older sister is hella rich and boujee so her and her her family just left on a vacation to Hawaii She kinda owns ten acres of land with like hella chickens and hella cows. And she was like, “Hey Peniel, can you, like, watch over my life stock?” I was like, “Sure” Not realizing that I don’t know jack about animals. Like, I don’t know— what do chickens eat? Anywho, it’s too late She already left. I’m gonna pack up and I’m gonna go try to be a farm girl. Let’s go Hey shishters, welcome to drive with me part 23. I forgot my pinkity drinkity. so let’s just pretend that I have one So I have all of my things packed, pretty sure I forgot something. I’m literally the worst packer in the world So yeah, I’m on my way, and I’ll see you there. Oh God where are the cows, I already lost her cows Cows??? hello??? There they are time for the bhickens Sup gang, wh- what is happening? What is- what is up? What’s the chisme? Que me cuentan? Oh Oh my God, she’s talking to me in chicken *gasp* we hit the mother lode Anyway, they sent me a text for everything they want me to do for the animals. So let’s look at that Look who’s here! what? Oso! just kiddingggg So here’s the basket for the eggs Stop I am ready for the huevos I’m scared! Why are you scared? I’m scared they’re gonna run away and get ran over by a damn car The cows! I couldn’t find them earlier, I was so scared, but there they are you guys. where the flashlight where’s the flashlight? We need a flashlight? Yeah, it’s dark in there How do I???? press the button press what button? button! why is this so high tech?! why didn’t he just get one from the dollar store Ewwww, Martin, Nooooo! They’re like right there They’re like right there! Move chicken! I’m in charge, oh shizz, okay nevermind Can y’all back up I’m gonna close it *screeches at top of lungs* MARTIN Egg hunters, mate! So what we’re gonna do here, is look for the eggs. Closer, don’t get scared okay. All they’re gonna do is peck your eyes out. I don’t see one. I don’t see one— Oh, look at that mate, look at that. It’s right there Yeah, you’re gonna grab it without breaking it right, and that’s it mate. Okay let’s get the hell out of here So now we have to check the cows, count them and make sure they’re all there because their bull tends to run away K, how are we supposed to catch him if he runs away? How the hell do I know, k But you better calm down, Ferdinand, cuz we ain’t about to go on an adventure on-anventure on-anventure Like Disney okay. You better stay in your pen. So let’s go! Hello mates, how are you? So today what we’re gonna do is cow hunters! Alright, so this is the plan, right? Basically, this is like crack cocaine For cows. So we’re gonna grab this one right here Not the whole thing, you grab a little bit of it oh okay Oh my G– oh my god. They gone fight man. Bad Girls Club Day one wasn’t that bad it, went down pretty smoothly and I feel more confident for the days to come I’m gonna be doing the same thing every day So I’m not gonna show you every day or else this would be very boring to watch. So yeah, good night Run free, my child, run free gang gang Whip the nae nae’s and dab the haters. How are you all doing today, huh? Oh my gosh they’re freaking laying eggs, that’s so cool *gasp* did you— did you lay an egg? Oh, that’s poop. That’s poop, not an egg, don’t try to trick me I’ve seen your movie chicken run I know your plan They’re probably out on the land so there’s literally nothing to do… um…. so I guess… 2,000 years later wow, nature *coughs* sorry I’m allergic to nature there’s the moo moo’s! Boy— BOI OH MY GAH BOI HE GONE — HE GONE WHIP YOU GET OUT OH MY GAH BOI BOI, are you kidding me? You tryna die foo? que— porque vas patras? como le gusta la vida mala (translation: why are you going back? you love the bad life) So my sister is coming home tomorrow So today is my last day with the aminals. So I’m gonna say my heartfelt goodbyes Goodbye bhickens. Thank you for the daily breakfast. I I appreciate you and I appreciate that you didn’t fly away like in the movie chicken run. So goodbye bhickens, goodbye. That’s Tracy hiding behind the trees Marigold, would you like some hay? Bro what’s going on over here? Well, she has horns, okay. It’s scary The last eleven days have taught me a lot and it made me realize how much I love nature and animals So I’ve decided to abandon everything I know and love to live as a forest elf in my sister’s backyard and live with the cows and the chickens 1 like=1 prayer away I go…


  1. Penny Tovar Author

    1 like = 1 prayer 😥🙏😤👌🏼🔥 lemme know what you think of the new content, i really wanna branch out and challenge myself as a creator to make content that im proud of. thank you for the support <3

  2. caramel macciato Author

    The best thing is when you actually speak Spanish but you also speak English and you understand everything. And then your Spanish mother looks at you like BiTcH WtF because you are laughing out loud.

    "laughtes in english"😂😂😂🤷

  3. Nathali Rebolledo Author

    Eh porque vas pa tras? Como le gusta la mala vida 😂- literally me when I do something wrong and do it again knowing the consequences

  4. Marie Poole Author

    You should have soooooo many more subscribers!!!!! You seriously crack me up!!!!! I wish I knew someone like you where I live lol


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