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ICC2 Irrigation Controller Product Guide

The ICC2 is a value-packed, reliable
mid-range commercial controller that gives you lots of power in an attractive,
simple but affordable package. The ICC2 can handle up to 54 stations in the metal version and 38 stations in the plastic version. It has 4 programs with 8
start times each and up to 12 hour runtimes. It has the ability to run any two programs simultaneously. The new rugged design with enhanced surge protection has a highly visible backlit display
while keeping the intuitive programming ability you’re accustomed to using with
all of our Hunter controllers. The updated control panel design is more
than just a pretty face. The curved highlight is the easy way to open the inner panel. The new knockout port offers more room for wires. ICC2 has all the
advanced features you need. Some of these features are accessed by turning to various dial positions while holding down one of the control buttons. Easy retrieve memory will back up all your programs settings so you can quickly
restore your original setup if someone has altered it. One Touch Manual Start and Advance is a quick way to start any program right now. Programmable Rain Delay lets you set a number of days to stay off then resume automatically. Quick Check, Non-volatile Memory and Automatic Short-Circuit Protection are classic Hunter features that protect your investment in aid and diagnostics. Seasonal Adjustment, which adjusts your runtimes by a percentage, can be either manual or automatic with Solar Sync. Solar Sync is the most inexpensive and
effective way to save water automatically based on current climate
conditions. Cycle and Soak prevents runoff on slopes and onto hardscapes by
dividing longer runtimes into bite-sized amounts without extending the total
watering time. Delay between stations allows an adjustable pause between
each station whether for slow closing valves or to recharge pressure tanks. Rain Delay will leave the controller shut off for a programmable period of days after
a rain event and complies with some local watering restrictions. A Total Runtime Calculator displays the total duration of any watering program with
the push of a button. ICC2 includes a handy wallet-sized reminder card that shows the location and basic operation of each of these advanced features. With its built-in pre-wired smart port, this controller is ready to go for
remote control operation with Hunter ROAM and ROAM XL. ICC2 station modules, the ICM 400 and ICM 800, have enhanced surge protection and are backward
compatible to original ICC controllers so they work with both the ICC2 and
older ICC controllers. Hunter will offer an upgrade kit with everything you need
to modernize an older ICC controller without completely replacing it. Just a quick reminder, after you install a new module press the reset button on the
back of the face pack. The new module is not recognized until you do this. The ICM 2200 expansion module, available late first quarter 2017, enables very high
station counts by straddling the last two module slots in the controller to
add additional station outputs. Customization kits for many languages,
Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish are available. The
brilliant display was designed to be multi-language friendly with symbols
that are reinforced on the dial. All overlays, door cards and other important information are available in all specified languages for maximum ease of
operation. The ICC2 is an EPA Water Sense approved water saver
and is backed by Hunter with a five-year warranty. Hunter is proud to bring you
the ICC2 controller with its many upgrades and advanced features we know this will be your go-to affordable controller for many of your commercial

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