1. Franz Sela

    I have this fascination for porcelain vases and I just couldn’t get enough of them. They are great works of art. The fusion of traditional and modern designs of the 21st century jars are just breathtaking and refreshing especially those from Korea and Japan. I have been collecting the reproductions of classic Chinese urns and I consider them treasures.

  2. Theo Kishna

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful videos, Great Masters! I always had great respect for masters who carry an ancient artistic tradition! Amazing beautiful yes lets hope there are students to carry this brilliant tradition just like my classical art of dance and music, almost vanished, details, details and more details but still the stillness of a brilliant imaginary that connects you with the Higher Energy name it what you want!

  3. Kementiri

    I would love to apprentice under one of these great masters. Without someone learning the craft from them this tradition and craft will die out.

  4. kitkat killer

    Its just sad how there are less and less people in Korea who gives a shit about craft masters. In the near future they will only remain in history

  5. Татьяна Лор

    Восхитительные работы. Есть чему поучится. Вспомнила себя в детстве, когда из глины каждый день лепила посуду, а через несколько дней она рассыпалась. А ведь желание осталось не реализованным. Благодарна этим мастерам. Украина снимает шляпу перед Вами.

  6. Alan Tagasa

    This guys should have been benefitted by wealth in terms of money and blessings.. No words can relate to their efforts and craftmanship.. Truly beautiful WORK of ART…


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