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IHE Delft 💧 Interview with MSc student Juma Mdeke

The highlight of me studying at IHE Delft was the well-structured system of the deliverance of education, and also the way the college or the institute takes students for classes, and the lectures, you know, and the practical aspect of the studies. Challenges faced during my studies at IHE Delft One of them was coping with the timing, and the time management which was really positive for studies working on the long lectures and attending sessions, seminars and also interacting with the multicultural diversities which were really in IHE. And also, the way to do things because we used to do things differently from the place where we come from. So these were really basic challenges we faced during the studies here at IHE. The most important lessons we are taught, or I learnt from IHE because I was doing Water Science and Engineering Land and Water Development specialization So we are taught about the design of the infrastructure of irrigation systems the management of water and irrigation systems the social part… How social part is very important on integrating on engineering part it with the general that the engineering part only cannot do. You have to integrate the social part on each and everything which we are doing, but also we learnt about the use of different and various software like remote sensing on irrigation performance assessment, GIS, on how we can use the publicly available databases for doing different works and to execute irrigation performances. My research was about the irrigation performance assessment using remote sensing from publicly available IT products. IT products, basically the one which can give the indication of the water use in irrigation performance assessment and also, the irrigation performance assessment is the most cost-effective part By using remote sensing, you can do as much as possible comparable by using the manual Recently, as I graduate from IHE, and IHE alumni my plan is going back home in my home country Tanzania, the United Republic is to save the country and to implement, use the technology and knowledge I get from IHE to make sure the irrigation part is moving water management part is moving and also to improve the livelihood of the grass-root farmers on which basically I should work with.

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