IIMA Food and Agribusiness Management

one leg thirteen thousand nine hundred seventy three students short cat with a dream of making it to the leak of best food and agribusiness managers of the boy 633 GDP I later only forty six streams were strong enough to pass tactics I chose amphibian program that I am made over other general management programs because it provides me an opportunity to develop specialized business acumen in fields of food and flight sector an edge for people like me already have technical skills and want to pursue a career in the same learning experience at I am I cannot put into words we get to do something different every day be it learning through life projects under professors with established organizations or even startups cases Studies on companies like PNG CCD Starbucks Mondelez Nestle McDonald's one-cent o Kellogg's and mine's Ryan winds up name of you boat room meeting enactments negotiation skill practice sessions participating business competition or learning about droolin environment and economy through the ruler immersion module the opportunities that ima provides a practically limitless I got elected as a general secretary this gave me an opportunity to lead two batches consisting of about 900 students apart some of the rich class discussions my responsibilities as the GS are helping me hone my leadership skills and also develop a very strong work ethic Sports has always been a person book here not only did I get the chance to conduct solid intersection sports in turn on sports but also I and my team are setting up the grounds to conduct some hers the interim sports competition imagine a crowd of 60,000 people imagine 300 Iowa students reading a novel we imagine Asia's biggest cultural fest I'm talking about chaos never in my dreams did I think that I will get to lead such a big and marvelous team but as they say that we do come through as I am a it's all it all boils down to reading learning and living in fullest a diamond I'm wiggling self-reflective in passion commitment and mission driven these dreamers are all set to create their ideal the noble food and agribusiness from after rigorous and exciting two years a time and papa young body models are it's lower the wood and for them synth here cross with a student you possibly already got a glimpse of what our students have to say about the food and agribusiness management program where I am going to talk to you is why you make a good fit at ima you possibly have a background in food processing or agriculture engineering or some allowed areas during your undergraduate program you had a lot of ideas in Auto science that is working but I really want to think how can you put your idea into action what we help that I mean during the two years program is to shape your idea and give it a vision so the first year the students go through regular functional courses when the second year they go through rigorous core courses as well in the two-year program you'll be able to see that if you have to have innovative product and you want to take it to the market you really need these skills you really make it happening thank you and I wish to hear back from you


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  2. Chiluka saikrishna

    I'm a agriculture engineering student but my college and graduation course was not recognised by Indian council of agriculture research but recognised by AICTE and UGC can I eligible for FABM course?? suggest me

  3. Mohan Chitturi

    I was an Engineering student done my bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Is it possible for me to get into Agriculture Management course?

  4. gaurav singh

    does chemical engineering student get preference in admission procedure ? are they consider as an allied trade of food engineering?


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