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Illustrator Quick Tip: How to Crop a Photo with a Clipping Mask

Hello and welcome to another Pixel and Bracket
Illustrator Quick Tip. When you create a clipping mask, you are bounding one object’s contents
to the shape of another’s. In my design, I would rather my photo have a circular frame.
To achieve this, let’s use the ellipse tool to create a simple shape. You can find this
tool by clicking and holding on the shape tool until a dropdown appears, or by using
the quick key L. The color and stroke of the shape doesn’t matter. Those properties are
ignored when creating a clipping mask. I do need to make sure that my contents are behind
the shape I’ve created. Let’s select the shape and right-click. Underneath Arrange, choose
Bring to Front or use Shift + Cmd + ]. Now that our shape is in front of our image, position
it where you’d like and then select both objects. From here we can right-click and choose Make
Clipping Mask, or use the shortcut Cmd + 7. Clipping masks can be used in all sorts of
creative ways. If you have any questions or comments, post them below. Thanks for watching,
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