1. Maggie R

    Too bad none of the hanky shows, you could use just plain fabric couldn’t you? Would make a beautiful journal cover

  2. Jill S

    Hi Ronda,
    I made paper fabric the other day but I used the dryer sheets has a base. I think I would have really liked it, but I had a problem with the wax paper I didn’t use freezer paper I’ll try that next or Teflon, anyway wax paper and dryer sheets stuck together and separated from the rest of the laters. I’ll try again also people talk about watering down the Elmer’s glue do you think that’s a good idea? I did that don’t know if that was a problem or not. Don’t know if I like tissue paper with it my last layer was t.p. I needed something to hold my threads down. It kind of pealed up in some spots, gave me air bubbles like the glue wasn’t adhering well. I will try again because I do like the paper fabric. Thanks Jill maybe just glueing it down and the threads would have stayed.

  3. LL Creations Studio

    WOW can't wait to give this a try!! What a amazing project!! Thank you for sharing. I have now subscribed to your channel. Hope to see more projects to come…Linda

  4. June Ribbons

    PVA glue would work just as good as mod podge
    Because you used your beautiful handkerchief, where are you going to use this pretty
    The second one you are showing it stunning ! Made me say a quick oh!!!

  5. artstudent3

    it is very pretty, both pieces are, but you really didn't show us your technique of making the paper fabric. How did you keep it so neat and wrinkle free, how are you placing your collage pieces and how much mod podge did you use? Do you only make the one layer? Is it thick enough with only one layer? I never saw this technique done without any mess, so I don't have a clue how you did it. I'm not trying to be critical, I really want to know. I really do love what you did. Maybe other people catch on quicker than I do, I 'd really like to get more information if possible. Thank you.

  6. Pat Robinson

    OMG! That's freaking stunning…and easy enough that I could do it. Can it be folded to make a book cover? I wouldn't want to cut it down, its too beautiful. I wish I could talk to you, have so many questions… Thank you, Patricia

  7. Marion Kyle

    Is the handerkerchief ironed right side down on the freezer paper? Do Mod Podge the entire handerkerchief before adding the fabric/lace pieces? Do Mod Podge an area before adding the fabric/lace pieces?

  8. Sonya Clawson

    This project is beautiful!
    I have to add that I can't help but mourn the loss of the vintage handkerchief in its original state. It was frame worthy as it was. I hope no offense will be taken by this part of my comment, it is not meant that way. I just adored the original as well as the transformation.
    That off my sentimental chest, like another commenter, would like to see the full process. And I am also going to subscribe to your channel.

  9. Marianna Osinski

    Hey Ronda without a "H"!! I want to tell you I made a fabric paper the other day!!! OMG! I love the way it came out!!! I wish there was a way I could send a pic here for you to see it, but I LOVED IT!!! I did it on a scarf I got from a church sale . 🙂 As soon as I find a way to show you mine, I 'll do it cause I want you to see it 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂 Blessed be <3

  10. Susan Hill

    If you have a hankie that is hand painted on….will ironing it to the freezer paper pull the painted design ( a woman actually ) off?

  11. Susan Hill

    And use it? Does it glue to things easily? ( continued from other question) just want to know “ what can you do with the finished paper fabric”?

  12. Tracy Zook

    Very interesting! Dryer sheet idea is fun. Have seen them used on cards before but I stopped using them. The waste was annoying plus when my children sorted the clean laundry they could never figure out how to put the used ones in the trash:( Will look for another video on how you used these.


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