Impress Newtex Composite Textiles Limited Corporate Video

impress new Tech's composite textiles limited is an integrated knitting dyeing finishing and stitching operation offering total solutions all within the site the payment brand impress is one of the leading and fastest-growing conglomerates in Bangladesh for over three decades the group has a proven track record of experience and excellence in diverse sectors ranging from print media to FM radio satellite television channel advertising to aviation pharmaceuticals to construction and knit and woven RMG manufacturing to access areas the group's textile and garments unit has an outstanding track record with modern organizational governance structures competent management teams skilled workforce and visions of major innovation and expansion programs into new markets across geographical boundaries since inception I in CTL has put values and commitment before profit teamwork and customer service before its ancient i NCT l has a knitting capacity of 3,500 tons per year the company is introducing knitting machines of fuku hara to increase its knitting capacity to eight thousand tons I in CTL ensures a smooth supply chain through its 1,200 ton capacity yarn store with a concept of double deep racking system i n CTL has a very well resourced lab facility with data color Roble app for auto dispensing using dyeing apparatus of mathas in coloration land the present dyeing facility is equipped with a capacity of six thousand six hundred tons annually since I in CTL has built a modernized water treatment plant it enables the factory to apply strict quality controls and flexibility the present finishing facility is equipped with latest technologically advanced machineries like Bianco eight chambers Center opened width dryer from Sun techs and compactor from lava pyon CTL has built one of the first and most efficient biological effluent treatment plant in Bangladesh the facility treats wastewater at 200 cubic meters per hour it works as aerobic and anaerobic digestion process during wastewater treatment and maintains the parameter of discharge water line with the guidance of Bangladesh the garment division of I and CGL has successfully created a market need in the NIT segment the knit garments are crafted by one of the most efficient seaming facilities I in CTL has a modern and innovative product development and design department the facility has 2.5 million pieces capacity per month with products ranging from basic t-shirt polo shirt jackets and trousers to all kinds of kids items the iron CTL management relentlessly inculcated the ethos of no compromise with quality ethics values and service standard this has earned the company a high level of credibility and respect in the international market pyon CTL printing division started its journey in 2014 as garment printing manufacturers equipped with the latest machineries the capacity of the printing facility is 1.5 million per month interest group strictly adheres to the law of the land ILO convention and valued biased code of conduct building structure electrical and fire safety regulations are extensively audited and approved by a court regular fire drills white fire exits child care centers free medical checkups excellent dining facilities pure drinking water and locker facilities are provided to ensure that employees are healthy comfortable and happy at work I in CTL is an equal opportunity employer the spirit of teamwork is prevalent between the workers and management we respect our workforce and make no compromise in matters of their welfare by ensuring on-time payment of wages bonus and overtime zero tolerance in health and safety issues ie NCT L is recognized as an integrated management system IMS certified company along with ISO 9001:2008 QMS ISO 14001 2004 EMS and Oh H SAS 18001 2007 and poetics certification the company also received ramp and B SEI certificate of compliance I in CTL is also a part of the Zed DHC zero discharge of hazardous chemical campaign it is also licensed to produce organic BCI and bio cotton fabric impressed you Tex composite textiles limited is the perfect merger between style and responsibility it is the reliability and the confidence of customers that has always been the key to its existence in the market the company's operational strategy is based on quality and reliability supported by large production capacities backward linkage professional management and market oriented value-added basis the ready-made apparel industry has brought a new dimension to the lives of millions of men and women in Bangladesh we make clothes for the world we convert skills into art and we do it with pride


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