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Indo Israel Avocado Vlog #2: Why am I using Netafim for Avocado farming in Bhopal?

Hello Youtube, welcome to another episode of my video blog. Right now I am again going to my (Avocado) nursery yesterday, at the nursery the work for drip irrigation had started and I am choosing to do my drip irrigation from Netafim because I am getting help from Netafim’s agronomist from Israel regarding Avocado Irrigation I am getting help from Netafim’s agronomist from Israel regarding Avocado Irrigation so it is better that I use their (Netafim’s) products so hopefully so at the time of cultivation and orchard irrigation, I can get guidance (about Avocado precision irrigation) from time to time Yesterday, Yesterday, Netafim’s equipment was transported at the field you can see it on the video right now and he (Netafim’s dealer) is saying that by Saturday they would finish Lets see so far I think they are doing an OK job, the Netafim’s dealer here that is there was a one day delay (in transportation of the equipment) because the person in charge of transporting the equipment from the warehouse didn’t send it from Indore these kind of delays, that I didn’t think of earlier that happens and then, that jeopardises your schedule that jeopardises your schedule right now, there is still a small chance, that I get my permits, and I am able to import but right now its quite neck to neck schedule I have been working on my website I have bought the domain name (earlier) today prior to that i had a website and I was running it for free but I had purchased hosting from bluehost and made it a bit proper I will show in the video How much work Netafim has done so far How much they have done today? I haven’t been to the (nursery) site since yesterday so even I don’t know how much work they have done today I will find out once I am there How much work have you done? this is for youtube I will send you the link later on, you can watch it How much work have they done? Show me yeah so they have installed the lateral now, can we add fine gravel to it on top of the lateral pipes? stay here at night okay use the net, then mosquitoes won’t bite so this is 1 feet, yeah? so he will finish tomorrow? right okay, Netafim’s work is 50 or 40% done 50 or 40% done there is progress, slowly slowly but at-least its some progress so lets hope I get the permits on time thats it for this video thank you for watching if you would like to order plants get in touch with me if i get my permits on time, so when I place my order then, at the same time, I will place your order as well, and then I will grow the plants in my nursery, get it to the planting stage and then after that, I will sell the plants to you Thank you

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