1. Mort

    Stoners can be so productive and intelligent when it comes to getting stuff done. It's a trillion dollar industry after just 5 years after Colorado legalized

  2. Ernie Smith

    future is here, 1st public company going forward with hemp energy storage initiative, AlterNet Systems Inc. Clarkson University Professor David Mitlin has been working on hemp storage for years, now working with ALYI (OTC)

  3. K. Ganesan Ganesan

    Industrial hemp…
    Soon going to create environment
    and health problems by adding petrochemicals Plastic as binding materials.

  4. Mr Bojangles

    The Jamestown settlers mandated by law that everyone grow cannabis. It worked so well, that when the Massachusetts Bay colony was formed, they mandated that everyone grow cannabis too. What we are dealing with is an egregious lie perpetrated on our society.

  5. André Adabo

    Ok, all of this seems pretty interesting and all but, how much water does industrial hemp consume?
    It's important to remember that excessive water consumption can also ruin soil.

  6. Boilershaker

    Burning of fossil fuels #1 cause of global warming according to video.. hempcrete r value of 2.5. Does this really reduce burning fossil fuels?

  7. Allan.

    im just the 900 person to like this video huge support to this guy cause his idea is the thing to save the all world cause clothes have a so huge impact we does not really see it

  8. now crazt

    Robeson county which is a Tier 1 economically distressed zone which has lots of tax credits and incentatives available for job creation. I have access to over 200k sqft of industrial manufacturing space perfect for indoor growing and processing along with solar power being installed. I have access to over 100 acres of farmland ideal for outside growing and greenhouses…advisors and investors needed

  9. eli neira

    Congratulations, very good explanation. I have an observation though, THC is NOT toxic, its the most, anti-cancer compound found in nature. It brings homeostasis to the whole body from the endocannabinoid system located in our central nervous system, CBD has its own medical values but not as strong as THC (im a psychologist and researcher)

  10. erNomic

    Id say he glossed over the whole reason its illegal. Those powers have enough control over the world now to legalize hemp again and retain profits. They will own the seeds and the companies allowed to grow and distribute. This is a multi billion dollar industry that belongs to our local farmers which was made illegal in order to steal our money through products they can control. This has been done to many industries. Ethanol competed with gas for fuel when engines started, they pulled the same everyone is drunk propaganda to make stills illegal. I woke up recently with craft beer. A CT lawyer from 2Roads fought to change legislation to force distributors to allow him to sell his beer in stores along side Budweiser for example, which is based in Brazil. Same trick has been applied to the food market, distributors dictate. Only advise I have, you vote with your dollars. Be conscious of where you spend every one. Everything is a rich mans trick.

  11. redraven117

    Hemp and cannabis is a bit of a if you can’t love me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best kind of story in my opinion

  12. Bob Is The Builder

    And there you have it. The only reason industrial hemp is allowed with plenty of limitations. It’s because the pharmaceutical industry as a patent on CBD oil.

  13. Arizona CBD & HEMP

    Hemp is such an incredible plant and something that America is finally seeing come back that should have never been taken away from us. There are so many benefits to Hemp and it's incredible health benefits as well as other products that are also beneficial.

  14. michael gregory

    I hope we finally get our regulatory environment regarding hemp straightened out. It looks like its a more profitable cash crop than tobacco, especially when the lower resources are considered. Hemp doesn't need as much water or soil amendments as tobacco, which will save farmers money per acre. Also, more of the plant is usable compared to tobacco, reducing waste. And for those nay-sayers out there who complain that the hemp plant is indistinguishable from marijuana, I think there is an easy and elegant solution: legalize both and stop worrying about which plant is which. We have elected allegedly intelligent people to various state and federal offices, so drafting legislation to legalize marijuana and hemp, as well as developing appropriate controls for marijuana, should be possible.

  15. TBC Doctor Joe Stevens

    Henry Ford used hemp fuel in his 1st Model T fact. Hemp usage is virtually unlimited to what it can be used for if you could find a way to extract the omega 3,6 and 9 from hemp we could live to 250 years old think how much money the govt would make off you if you were that old. Retiring age 200. It will help with the fight against Cancer, and the Pharmaceutical Society know that but rather burn you with radiation and make you sick with chemo. Google has all the facts about what hemp can do.

  16. Michel laust der Affe

    Great! The only thing to miss is, why Henry Anslinger, the paperindustrie and the oil companies trashed this great, american plant in the 1930's!?
    It is time to have it back…All over the Green countries!

  17. Dea Million

    Good presentation. However, he was incorrect when speaking about CBD. The medicinal components of hemp called cannabinoids, (better known as CBD), do NOT come from the oil of the SEEDS. They are found in the trichomes or crystals of the FLOWER, which are then extracted to produce what is known as CBD oil (often called HEMP OIL). This is very different than HEMP SEED OIL which is a super food. The CBD hemp plant is grown just like marijuana and if the hemp plant is pollinated, CBD production immediately stops. Seeds are bad for CBD hemp cultivars. Furthering the confusion around this issue is the FDA 'advises' producers of CBD oil to omit the term 'CBD' or 'cannabinoids' from their labels, thereby leading producers to use the term HEMP OIL, which is not the same as HEMP SEED OIL. Hopefully, regulations and proper education will help clear this issue.

  18. Mitch Holder

    Hemp is the plant we can use to terraform our own planet inregards to reversing the damage we have caused and it is quite literally a deity.


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