1. ROB C

    Fear mo gering as it's best…so many falsehoods and misleading statements in one video I dont know where one would begin. All conventional farmers I know are actively working alongside universities and agronomists to improve soil health/use less fertilizer and pesticides. Think with logic..land is a farmer's main asset and source of income. Why would they want to destroy their only income source. Also we have control over what inputs we apply to a crop and want to use as little as possible since these are expensive. Not to mention there are huge myths about risk of pesticides. Glyphosate is 19X less toxic then caffeine(LD50 rating). As people get further away from agriculture they become more fearful especially when it comes to things they don't understand. And videos like this is why farmer are struggling to bust myths and maintain trust.

  2. Vaughn Malecki

    Please if you haven't yet read the book "Folks This Ain't Normal" by Joel Salatin. You can get a free audio version if you've never used Amazon audible before. I can send you a quick link if you like?

  3. Stereozentrum

    Inform yourselves and Monsanto, deal with your conscience. In an alternative, sustainable agriculte there is absolutely no need for total herbicides and gmos. And believe me, it will come in the near future, globally. Of course, thousands of unscrupulous people working in the pesticide industry (Monsanto, Pfizer, DuPont, ADM, Bayer CropScience etc.) are probably going to lose their jobs. But be assured, there will be enough possibilities in weed picking for you guys!

  4. Harriett Jones

    A friend was at a Florida County commissoners meeting about Industrial Farming on the Santa Fe River Springshed this week.. A person got up and claimed that farming was the chief income of the Sate of Florida. He was wrong. Agriculture uses 40% of our water and contributes only 4% to the Florida Economy. Our waters are all polluted and getting worse. We also have to pay for cleaning up this chickenwaste.

  5. Zachary Burnett

    I agree with the general message of this video: People should be wary of corporate interests. Corporations are focused on profit.

    However, this message is marred by the rest of the video being overcome with sensationalist rhetoric and arguments to emotion. The writer(s) of this video seem to be pandering more to inner fears with buzzwords like "chemicals" and "addiction" than logic with a more neutral language.

    Cow pens aren't cow pens, they're "factories" that farmers are "forced" to squeeze livestock into. Monoculture is an "unnatural" system compared to growing multiple crops (conveniently ignoring the fact that ALL farming is unnatural and drastically changes the environment, and assuming farmers wouldn't think to use farming practices like crop rotation and fallow fielding). The poor defenseless small farmer is bullied by the evil large corporation and now can't support his family.

    I don't work in the agriculture field, and I claim no knowledge of what actually happens on farms. I DO know that anyone who builds their argument out of emotional appeals is most likely not telling you the whole story and probably has another agenda beneath the surface, and I am wary of the intentions of people who make such arguments.

    I agree that local agriculture is very important. This cause would be much better served by citing sources directly, getting rid of the sensationalist imagery, and speaking plainly about the FULL situation and the qualifications and experience of the people making the argument, because right now I have a real problem trusting anything said in this video.

  6. Willibrordus Augustinus van der Weide

    Strong story and thanks for bringing.. We introduce the YELLOW AGRO against the RED Industrial Farming and GREEN Farming . YELLOW is The Sustainable Agriculture which showed Economy&Ecology based on MJOULE. Join our mission from the Netherlands.

  7. suncitytwo

    Sun City II made a music video for the Dutch edition of World Food Day
    It's about our relationship with food
    Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsBPkcRpEew

    Please share if you care!


  8. Kye Price

    This person has never been on a farm before… 97% of american farms are family owned and they use crop rotation, cover crops, and much moire to preserve their land. Pesticides go through a ton of research to make sure they are safe, which they are. Farmers do not dowse their crops in pesticides a field might need 1-2 maybe 3 in a year, and your food is rarely sprayed before harvest, so the pesticides are not on your food, and farmers do not spray pure concentrated pesticides 95%-98% of the mixture is water. Organic farmers use pesticides and conventional there is nothing wrong with that. Land is getting more fertile with newer farming practices, like no-till, reduce till, or by injecting manure 20in deep helping build top soil. Dairy farms are not crammed, cows can walk around or lay in fresh sand to cool off. They never run out of nice healthy food and can go outside through a run-in whenever they want. I work on a 3500 head dairy farm and my entire family crop farms, it is unfortunate that people are destroying farmers for what they do because they think they know how agriculture works.

  9. Osa Properties

    We live on a SUSTAINABLE Community in COSTA RICA, WE GROW ORGANIC FOOD GMO-FREE ON SITE. I would love to tell you more about this place email me [email protected] AND http://retiringandlivingincostarica.blogspot.com/

  10. Daniel Gilliéron

    The universities all over the world should teach the principles and the research institutes of this world should investigate the underlying mechanisms of Sepp Holzer permaculture/agro-ecology. Sepp Holzer's agricultural system beats conventional/GMO farming in every regard: no factory animal farming, no chemical or genetic pollution, more production per surface unit, huge bio-diversity, extreme landscape beauty, intact and clean water household, no deforestation, no hunger, no epidemic of diseases, each place would have its unique plant varieties, and most important, food would become medicine, as food grown in permaculture is packed with nutrients and antioxydants. If the world adopts Sepp Holzer's farming system, we would live in a world of abundance and beauty. His system, methods and philosophy can be successfully applied anywhere in the world. We could feed 3 times more people than currently live on earth. If Holzer agro-ecology prevails, the earth's biosphere will soon be regenerated. Sepp Holzer has already more than 200 projects in the world, tendancy rising. He knows how to reclaim deserts and turn them into lush, fertile land.
    Register now for the Holzer Austria Tour 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_0OgWHr0mw
    If you wanna get a glimpse of what one of Sepp Holzer’s international projects looks like, please travel online to Portugal:
    Vive Sepp Holzer! Hoch lebe Sepp Holzer! 赛普·霍尔泽,加油!

  11. The Farming Dream

    Pesticide companies, GMO seed companies and health care companies are the all intertwined in one big looping triangle, and we are the victims. Industrial agriculture and their GMO foods are banned in parts of Europe, South America, Asia and all over the world. They won't even allow American companies to sell their foods there, they make them change their ingredients (corn syrup to sugar and etc…). Yet, here in our own land, they are allowed to feed us this poison. 

  12. Uni-Phi-Farms

    Doing our best to make a difference! Check out our sustainable farm! And indiegogo! www.uni-phi-farms.com

  13. Vmancanada1

    So we buy their toxic foods, that they pump down our throats to get the return back on their mad science research and development ( idiots trying to reinvent the wheel, or in this case the seed, instead of making better agricultural systems such as aquaponics, they give us lazy science) Then after the people are weakened by eating synthetic produce made by factory farms,instead of whole foods, the pharm companies pump meds down our throats to stabilise sickness caused by eating shitty food, yet they cant cure us as they are part of the vicious circle. How convenient a system, creating convenience Frankenstein food. Our lifespans are literally being preserved not sustained…..V

  14. Peter Saavedra

    Hi Everyone. Here is a new technology that is REALLY helping with Sustainable Agriculture transitions. I know they need help getting their message out. David can you help them? www.sepixa.com


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