INFINITE Coalescing Vision and Corrupted Memento Farming | Patch 8.3 WoW Guide

Hey there guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re
talking about an infinite farm for Corrupted Mementos and Coalescing Visions. So, method did an absolutely fantastic guide
on Horrific Visions. I’ll go ahead and link that down below, but
there’s one thing that they missed, and it’s the best coalescing vision and corrupting
memento farm. So, if you’ve been living under a rock, the
goal of the game is to get the best gear, but that gear has corruption on it which does
bad stuff. However you can negate that corruption by
upgrading your legendary cloak though Horrific Visions, which cost 10,000 coalescing visions. Normally, you get coalescing visions by doing
assaults, the daily vision quest, and chests plus rares. Now, the longer you last in Horrific Visions
the better, and beside the cloak you do that with your Horrific Vision talents through
the Titanic Research Archive. To put points into these talents, it costs
Corrupted Momentos. You only get these through horrific visions
and visions of N’Zoth If you just kill the first boss of a Horrific vision, you’ll
get 100, and a full clearn while wearing a mask that gives 20% extra will yield about
2000. But you can farm these outside of horrific
visions. So, if you want the best gear possible sockets
in all your gear, or a cute mount, listen up. Your weekly assault gets you enough coalescing
visions for 1 Horrific Vision. If you do the daily quests and daily visions
of N’Zoth, you’ll be able to do a second run. And if you no life it and kill every rare
and open up every chest every day you’ll get a third. What I’m about to show will get you enough
for an additional 1-3 runs a week which means you’ll be able to upgrade your cloak twice
as fast. In the daily Visions of N’Zoth, you accept
a quest, kill things for about 5 minutes and then your sanity is gone and you’re kicked
out. But the main important part of this vid is
that you can click on NPCs that refill your sanity. And they respawn fast enough that if rather
than focusing on killing things, you focus on clicking NPCs, you never run out of sanity. The one minor clickbait of this vid is that
you are kicked out after 1 hour, so it’s not technically infinite, but in reality nothing
is infinite, so whatever it’s fine. In one hour of solo testing, I got 1300 coalescing
visions and 350 momentos. I talked with the fellow twitch streamer BrutalStatic
who showed me this and he did a little better at 500 momentos in an hour. We were both running around in tank spec and
were inviting random people we came across so that we could all loot each other’s kills. So solo, that’s about what you can expect. 400 momentos and 1500 visions an hour, which
is an extra horrific vision each week. But, I’m a farmer and I like min/maxing
so let’s bump it up with method number 2. Do an actual group farm. This method is very comfortable for goldmakers,
but if you’re new to the channel, here’s the run down. These enemies force spawn, so get together
in a group of 5 with friends or randos and find a spot where there are a bunch of enemies
and maybe a few elites in range. Put a tank in the middle. They stay put and grab as much aggro as they
can. Four dps position themselves north, east,
south, and west and pull everything in from the perimeter. If there are any NPCs in range, go ahead and
click on em to stay sane 54:00. Groups are great because you aren’t just
running around aimlessly. You’re always killing something and that’s
what gets you rewards, but they’re especially good here because elites drop items called
Resilient Souls and these restore 50 sanity to you and 3 nearby players, with a one minute
cooldown. So even without NPCs, your group can refill
200 sanity to everyone each minute as long as you’re killing fast enough. As a general rule of thumb, a current content
group farm gets about 10 kills per minute per person in the group. So a 3-man farm gets about 30 kills a minute. 5 man gets about 50. These are just estimates, but if you get together
in a five man that’s pumpin, you’ll pull in about 700-800 momentos an hour, and 2500
coalescing visions. Method 3
This is as min maxed as I can figure out, and it’s
all theory. I haven’t tested it. But why do one group, when you can do two. Tags seem to work a little differently on
these guys and go above the normal 5 person cap. So, let’s say you’re in a mythic raid
team and 8 of you get into the same phase of the vision of n’zoth. Form 2 four-man parties at 2 different locations
and put two people from each party at each location so everyone gets tags at each spot. Then as long as you’re looting both kill
piles every 2 minutes, you’re getting an extra 4-5000 coalescing visions per day and
1000-1500 mementos. That’s 3 extra horrific visions a week. If there isn’t a cap on how many people
can tag an enemy, you can have you could double the loot again by ramping this up into a 20
man farm with 4 different kill piles, and 10,000 extra visions a day, but I don’t
know how that would work in practice, so I don’t want to speculate too hard. 2 groups of 4 people will for sure work and
will get you a couple extra horrific visions a week. So get out there. Test this out. If the knowledge of this evolves as the weeks
progress which I’m sure it will, leave your comments and any recommendations down in the
comments below. Make sure you subscribe, like the video if
it helped you out, and I hope you have a great day. Good luck and happy goldmaking.


  1. Fiffer13 Author

    this is not an exploit guys. This is how the game works everywhere with loot and spawns. normal gold making practices just now for something that is more than just gold.

  2. jennifer morgan Author

    unfortunately you can't bring 2 groups in a horrific visions at the same time max is 5 and your que'd into it like trying bring 2-5 man groups into a mythic dungeons it doesn't work

  3. PregnantOrc Author

    To people yelling exploit or ban. Even if this ends up being cracked down on Blizzards track record show that you should "exploit" often and "exploit" early. You'll come out on top more than not even if you get slapped from time to time. As long as said "exploit" does not involve any game alteration on your part which this does not.

  4. Dante Sunderland Author

    I think this video was not a good idea since ppl are getting banned and you literally banned someone of ur life coz he was giving advice into actions that may lead on ban. Just saying.

  5. Luca ly Author

    i did this yesturday and got a 4 day suspension today. kinda sad. i just wannted to farm visions and mementos with my guildies, we all got different time penalty. 3 off us got 2 days and me and another got 4 days. :/ didnt think it was reason enough to get suspended.

    Edit: It got reverted

  6. Devin Jones Author

    Horrific Visions are the worst content I've ever played in this game in the last 13 years. Literally just cancelled my sub today and removed my Credit Card from my Blizzard account due to how terrible they are.

  7. Smartiezs Author

    people in the comments calling this normal behaviour are insane, you are basicly circumventing several weeks of progress here
    nice way of min maxing, but i think they will hotfix this as soon as possible

  8. Tyframp Author

    basically for people who want to get momentos for talent tree and unlocking mount purchase, so excited to do this. great video, just a little flawed in what your suggesting with 2x cloak upgrading, unlucky:/

  9. Trucidar Author

    "INFINITE FARMING" open video "This method isn't infinite". Also for people considering this, keep in mind that the capes are weekly capped, regardless of how many runs you do.

  10. Jason Bellard Author

    They have already hotfixed this BUT, the grouping thing is still a good idea, more mementos and visions than soloing, and although the Orbs only restore 50 sanity, that is still 50 sanity to you and 3 nearby grp members, oh and your grp members can also use the orbs to replenish your sanity and those with you, will test later but i reckon you can still spend a good amount of time farming up stuff in these minor visions

  11. executie Author

    even before this was patched blizzard capped the cloak at one rank upgrade per week after 6 so u could run any many visions as u wanted and it wouldn't matter cus you will only be able to upgrade your cloak once per week after 6

  12. Stoic Taurus Author

    Isn't NPCs old news, hot fixed already?
    — or in EU everyone are clicking on them, that there is not enough to do significantly more.

    I have other hack for solo.
    Farm as usual .. when sanity ends, don't leave. Just wait for someone to help you get up. Keep going 😀

  13. Rexx Reviews Author

    When I was doing thins yesterday I considered doing a video but held off because blizzard. Now that we have one enjoy it while it last before it’s needed into the ground

  14. MissMarvel Author

    Hey! Just wanted you to know that there is a way to increase rewards. Running over the void puddles spawns blobs, if you bring two Absorbant blobs together, they'll form an elite! You can use this to spawn elites over and over.

    I discovered this infinite-farming yesterday! I was eventually planning on leaving, but at the 1 hour mark, all of my sanity disappeared lol. I'm taking advantage of it while fewer people know about it.

  15. Kathie B Author

    i don't know if this is new today because i only had it happen to me today, but if you lose your sanity on the lesser visions, a player who still has sanity can click on you and rez you. I'm not 100% sure, but it seemed when i was rezzed, i got half of their sanity. so don't exit the vision if you lose sanity, just lay there and hope someone rezs you if you want to farm longer.

  16. Cheburushka Author

    Idk what this video is about, but
    1) The level of the cloak you can have is hard timegated not just with the vessels themselves, but +1 per week.
    2) There is now a catchup mechanism where you will get free vessels from lesser visions daily if you are behind on your cloak level.

  17. re1gn1te Author

    What dose he mean no life to get 3 ? Weekly Assault (10k ) + 2 mini assaults (5.5k) + daily vision (8k) = 29k. You barley have to do any more content to get a third most people will easily get 3 – 3.5 on their mains a week without farming.

  18. TheDaroki Author

    There is also a weekly cap on gear from the Horrific vision as well, 420 for killing Thrall/Alleria, 430 killing both moderate bosses and Thrall/Alleria, 440 for full clear. One piece per week for each lvl.

  19. Morten Mikkelsen Author

    I ran around doing this today, before watching this video, and can pretty comfortably say that this does not work anymore. I found this out day 2 and decided to do it yday and today as well. But I lasted around 15 mins today instead of the 40 mins on Friday because I simply depleted my sanity bar too quick. So seems to have been hotfixed.

  20. li wayne Author

    The farming inside is boring as fuk, besides the amount of currency drop is pathetic (time vs drop), not to mention they put time gate on top of everything which limits when and how many levels you can upgrade ur cloak… unless you got no better thing to do in ur life…complete the daily n gtfo asap…

  21. Horde News Author

    Love your videos WTBgold; This is good for the rest of the goodies but Trucidar is correct that Blizzard is Timegating the Cloak upgrades. Up to rank 5 can be done asap, rank 6 and up will only allow you to upgrade your cloak Once a week up to rank 15. So this method wont help in the actual "Rank" upgrades after rank 5.

  22. Morbus47 Author

    They already patched this. The debuff you get comes rapidly now (within 15-20 mins), got a debuff that reduced my damage and rapidly drained my sanity.

  23. Casey Ferguson Author

    It's actually not that hard to get 3. Black Empire Assault(1x/week, 10k), 2 Faction Assaults (2x/week, 11k), Mini-Visions (7x/week, 8k), 1k from dailies (don't even have to do all of them every day). Probably don't even have to kill all the rares and chests etc

  24. FeelsBadMan n Author

    I actually can't imagine what the hell did they do to this game? I don't want freaking Classic+ NO.. I want the old actual game that I used to Love, Like BC/Wotlk… pure 1 raid difficulty – get the best gear in game BIS smoke kids in BGS/Arena.. Show off your fancy gear that no one can get/ilvl… They destroyed that thing – they turned the game into a Asian MMO farming non stop almost like Diablo.. RIP my old game that I felt in love with.

  25. pratos Author

    Hey man, really nice video, i'm looking for an elvUI that looks clean as yours, u guys have any recommendations? i play fury warrior dps on high m+ keys

  26. dre mro Author

    0:38 sums up the retail community running in a wall not knowing what to do.. ( imagine this footage is in fastfoward ) gg broski nice click bait " INFITE FARMING " "THIS METHOD ISN'T INFINITE"

  27. Nicolò Fontana Author

    I think that the last method isn’t possible due to the fact that if a party tag something it will become gray and won’t loot for other player/group(if I am not mistaken)

  28. Ketama Orif Author

    A much better way to have real infinite mementos : It works only in the vision in Pandaria. When its over, you dont have any sanity enough, accept to get back. When MOTHER tell you that shes going to tp you, do alt F4, close the game, wait a few, and launch the game. Youre in the vision, with no time limits.

  29. Jonatan Miranda Pedresque Author

    I do this when the quet is killing 20 mobs, people work for you, as a balance druid I just pull all mobs that I can see, better when its in Uldum.

  30. nuclearping Author

    Patch notes 8.3.1: "We felt like some players were progressing too fast. Too improve the casual player's experience, Mobs in Visions of N'zoth no longer drop Coalescing Visions and Corrupted Mementos and the rate of Sanity loss was increased by 100% in Visions of N'zoth."

  31. Aaron Armstrong Author

    It was questions been bugging me and I'm hoping that you can respond in a reasonable time. I'm actually trying to form a group for this event, but I can't seem to get the words right or where to look. How do you go about that?


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