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Injured snow leopard rescued from Chinese mine

Chinese frontier guards have saved an injured
snow leopard that was trapped in a coal mine. Upon finding the leopard stuck in a drainage
tank, the guards sought help from their nearby animal husbandry department. With joint efforts, rescuers pulled the leopard
out of the water using a fishing net. One of the guards described how they found
the animal struggling in the water and described the brigade’s shock when they discovered it
was a leopard. According to experts, wild snow leopards rarely
appear at human residential areas. It is thought the animal may have wandered into the coal
mine for food.


  1. BVargas78 Author

    Poor things. They are running out of living space.

    Sadly the world of the future will only be cities, towns, farms and deserts. The jungles will unlikely survive the 21st century, only the siberian forests will remain.


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