Inside Fabric HQ | How Are Saddles Designed And Made?


  1. reaazdotcom

    Just bought some Fabric Lumacell lights absolutely fantastic. Perfect for my Term X11 and they didn't cost the earth either. Better value from money than knog.

  2. David C

    I have a Charge scoop saddle on my Fixie and loved it. I didn’t get on with the pro logo that came with my Orbea so wanted to get another charge scoop but they don’t seem to make those anymore I started looking at the GCN show videos on saddles and saw this video for fabric and I was like that looks familiar and when I saw Simon riding through the two tunnels route to visit the HQ I realised they’re local that got my interest. I do want to try some of their other saddles as well but at the moment I have a fabric scoop for my or Orbea and it’s much more comfortable and looks really nice 😊🌶🌶👍

  3. Oscar Caruso

    I love my FABRIC saddle, it’s ultra lightweight, feels amazing and it’s just gorgeous to look at. And not to mention that, it’s great seeing so many young guys making it big in the industry. Great job guys

  4. Thomas Marker

    Thanks to Fabric – i finally got a replacement for a broken Alm – 3 years later – Now I Am Happy with Fabric again…

  5. Jim Harley

    Been testing saddles for the past 4/5 months and have looked at, but not ridden fabric. Will definitely be looking into them in greater detail now (not only because they're local).

  6. Charles Rush

    I got suckered in by their marketing to buy the ALM Shallow Ultimate LTD and also by the fact I was looking for a brown saddle. I have to say after riding it for a couple of months it was a bad purchase. It's not the saddle I thought it would be as far as comfort goes and it was expensive. I ended up falling back on the Fizik Kurve Bull. It's not brown but it's more comfortable.


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