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Inspector Interviews – Chris – Agriculture

When it comes to farm safety,
complacency has no place. My name is Chris.
I’m an inspector with WorkSafe Victoria. Most of the farms that we visit
are mainly family-owned. In other industries there is somebody
supervising you all the time, but here the farmer often has to work alone with sometimes limited implements and
sometimes not well maintained implements. When I walk into a workplace, often I form
within myself certain things to look out for. For example, sometimes you find things
scattered all over the place and then that causes slips, trips and falls. We emphasise on making sure
the machinery are maintained well, checked and don’t wait until something breaks. Being a bit more proactive. I have been to quite a few accidents. When the family members talk about
the loss of a limb or a loss of life, I feel very much touched by that. When you achieve your goal to ensure a workplace
is safe, that gives you a lot of satisfaction.

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