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Inspector Towelie Pays Randy Marsh’s Weed Farm a Little Visit – South Park

Randy, I think we need
to have a talk. No time to talk. The agricultural inspector’s
about to drop by. Once we get certified from him, we can start selling
like a real farm. Have patience wife.
Soon our fortunes will change. Oh that must be him now. Yes, I’m with the state
testing board. Is this Tegrity Farms? Name’s right there on the sign.
Come on back. So with this festing device, I can check not only
the TAC levels in your product, but also detect any impurities
and give you a final score based on overall
chemical makeup. Yep, that’s good shit. Now let me test the levels
in your organic house blend. Yep, that’s good shit. Now what about
the Tegrity Jungle Bud? Let’s test it out. Whoa.
Yeah? Whoa. Yeah! I don’t know what Tegrity is,
but that is some good shit. All right!


  1. Kris Sweeting Author

    It’s funny, Towelie is legit one of the worst characters ever created ever… but I’m guiltily happy they brought him back… I’ve got a weird soft spot for that piece of shit 😛

  2. American enigma 1957 patriot Author

    Have they come up with a towelie batch of weed for the Colorado consumption in the dispensers yet? That would be some GOOD SHIT……😎

  3. General Disarray Author

    The legalisation of marijuana has been turned into a load of pseudo-scientific bullshit for the sake of making as much money as possible which is what South Park is so good at poking fun at, cos really we all know its just about smoking good shit

  4. Karipa Turketo Author

    Thats one sophisticated testing machine. Highly calibrated respiratory apparatus. And only comes from years of thorough testing of all conditions.

  5. Tom Sabor Author


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