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Instant Dosa with Rice Flour and Wheat Flour l Instant Dosa in Malayalam

Hi friends. Welcome to Cooking at Mayflower Today, let’s see how to make an instant carrot dosa This recipe uses rice flour and wheat flour to make dosa batter This recipe also uses grated carrot, grated coconut, and yogurt When we run out of homemade dosa batter, this is an instant dosa to make This makes a great breakfast and snack for kids Let’s see what are the ingredients required to make carrot dosa Fine rice flour – 1 cup You can use idiyappam flour wheat flour – 1/4 cup Yogurt – 4 tbsp sugar – 3 tsp salt green chilies – 1 grated carrot – 1 cup grated coconut – 1/2 cup Oil water Now let’s make instant dosa batter In a bowl, place rice flour wheat flour grated carrot grated coconut salt green chilies sugar yogurt Mix everything well Add water and mix well For written recipe, you can visit my blog Cooking at Mayflower Mix thoroughly without any lumps Dosa batter is ready without any lumps Heat a nonstick pan I have used a brush to grease dosa pan if you don’t have a brush, you can use a cloth dipped in oil to smear oil on to the pan or you can use half of an onion to smear the oil use a fork to hold the onion Dosa pan is hot now To this pour two spoonfuls of dosa batter as shown spread the dosa batter don’t spread the batter too thin if it is too thin, dosa will start to break when it is getting cooked so spread the batter as shown Close the tawa with a lid After 1 minute, remove the lid sprinkle oil on the sides of dosa as well as on top When dosa is crisp on one side, flip it over, cook on other side Let the other side also cook well This dosa is tasty on its own without any accompaniments You can pair dosa with sambar, chammanthi, or chutney Now dosa is crisp on both sides Transfer dosa on to a plate Repeat the process of making dosa with the remaining batter sprinkling oil on to the edges of dosa Healthy and tasty instant dosa is ready Try this at home if you like this video, please subscribe, share, and comment Thank you


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  2. Rima's Rasoi Author

    great recipe…i make dosa by soaking rice and dal overnight, ferment it as it is done traditionally…can u tell me how 2 make crunchy dosa in traditional way…..i sometimes get the crunchy texture sometimes i do not….although i follow the same process every time


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