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Introducing Drying Technologies to Rural Farmers

hi my name is Spencer I started go
organics about three years ago the main objectives of the organization is to
help the farmers to move into organic agriculture by helping them to find the
market at the same time so we work with different institutions and learning from
different peoples to how to bring technologies into the
field I’m in a village in Thailand in Kanampang I’m here to talk about a dry
chain process early on we liked introducing to the villages about the
the solar dry chimney at the same time I introduced them with the drycard the
idea with the whole drycard is that if they can managed with the the dry
chimneys and have a production of the dry dry process in here using the drycard then they will create the economic development in this village the village
is very outside from the the market so sending fresh produce out to the market
is very difficult in here but by introducing the the dry process to the
market we hope that we can creating sustainable the development over here

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