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Investing in Agriculture

[Narrator] Cultivating land, raising crops, and rearing livestock is hard work. Obtaining financing shouldn’t be. [Karyn Williams, Red Dog Farm] Financing is
just one of the major obstacles to farming. It’s really expensive to get into farming,
especially as a first generation farmer, unless you have a great credit record or access
to capital or access to investors – it’s a hard industry to get into. [Narrator] That’s why helping local farmers
start and grow is just one of the things Craft3 does. Investing in places like Red Dog Farm, where
a passion for production farming permeates the air. [Karyn Williams] Thankfully, with the help
of Craft3, I was able to start Red Dog Farm and purchase this 23 acres – but just getting
the capital together for not only the land but also the infrastructure, the buildings,
the equipment, paying wages that first year, buying supplies – it’s a lot of start-up costs. [Narrator] And the urban Zenger Farm in Portland,
where families will learn to appreciate the earth and the sustainable food that it can
provide. Providing capital to the families like the
McPhail’s With their deep love of cranberry bogs, where sandy soil creates beads of red every fall. It’s how we’re strengthening resilience on local farms, where we’ve invested more than twenty-five million dollars. From the rain shadow of the Olympic Peninsula to the high-desert ranches of Oregon, where
capital will help ensure future generations can cultivate the land. [Karyn Williams] Craft3 was instrumental in
supporting the efforts to lease and eventually purchase the farm. They enabled me to use the capital that I
actually did have on-hand to build the infrastructure, and build the buildings, while the mortgage through Craft3 covered the land costs – rather than having to come up with that money up-front,
all on my own. [Narrator] Craft3. Delivering innovative, non-traditional financing. Adapting to your seasonal cash flows. And looking at your farm beyond just the numbers,
because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the power of working with us. So join our cause, and access the capital
you need.

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