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Shaken, stirred, or served straight up, Atlanta’s drink scene is on fire! We’re showing you where to go and what to order with exclusives from the experts behind the bar. Cheers! This is Atlanta Drinks. This is brand new. Guinness Irish Wheat just came out this year; it’s been out for a few weeks in market right now. It’s one of the latest offerings from the Open Gate Brewery, our experimental facility at St. James’s Gate in Dublin. This is a bold style for us. This is the first time we’ve ever sent a wheat beer over from Ireland. The wheat beer is made with 100% Irish wheat. This is the first time that Guinness has actually done this and sent a beer over here to the U.S. So Guinness Irish Wheat is a pale, hazy-pulled beer with hints of clove and banana and a bit of citrus from the Amarillo hops. It’s gonna have that smooth characteristic of a wheat beer it’s gonna have some of that subtle sweetness you get, that light citrusy finish that comes from the use of wheat in a beer. I actually like the wheat with lighter dishes, some lighter fish dishes So while it is certainly our take on a classic style, Guinness Irish Wheat is also something new and unique.

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