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Irrigation Design

– Irrigation design. A lot of people come into our store and they’re looking for advice, and the first thing we go to is a design. Waterpro have been
designing irrigation systems since we opened back in 2008. We’ve designed systems from everywhere from a residential front and back yard to a full subdivision
for a commercial client. Now, this can be done a number of ways. The residential designs
are generally done by hand on paper using a compass,
a ruler, and a pencil, as they’ve probably
been done for 50 years. We also use the latest
CAD and IrriCAD software, and have public indemnity
insurance to cover us for really large scale
commercial irrigation designs which we have been doing for
clients such as councils, builders, schools for a decade. Now, the pricing varies I
guess for what we offer. Residentially, we offer free design. So if you wanna come in an
get your backyard designed and you’re gonna buy the
irrigation from Waterpro, we’ll give you a design for free and we’ll go through the
whole process with you. We’ll teach you about how
to test the water flow that we need to know to do the design, down to how clips the clips together and adjust the sprinklers. Commercially, there is a charge involved, but Waterpro are really
competitive in the market for commercial irrigation design because we do sell the irrigation. The design is kind of a
bit of a sister product to the irrigation supply, and we do want the supply business. If you guys have any questions at all about irrigation design, give
us a call on 08-8363-6050, or check out the website, I’m Clint Adams, thanks for your time. (electronic music)

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