1. Michael Evans

    My wife and I love irrigation watering systems, We have drip lines that water our fruit trees and vegetables along with hard to water areas that are irregular shaped. We have had this installed for 5 years now and we have had the best of luck with our fruits and veggies because of the consistent watering schedule.
    We even have a Drip line going to our Fountain so it keeps it topped off with fresh water. My Wife also found a outdoor pet bowl called the hydro pet that automatically fills and cleans the bowl and that is also hooked to my drip line. What we have noticed that we use less water overall and have better crops with the drip lines.

  2. Adrian Brent

    I love farming, but we,need to get a lot more effective about irrigation, and the business going on in CA, shouldn't be government back, water is EVERYONES. not first come first serve.

  3. esteban corral

    Ditto Carlos Sosa. Insted of puming with Diesel Fuel, take out some area out of production to install solar thermo collectors to pump water. Also, use treated sewer water from a polycultured, bio-remediation field which will reduce the usage from the aquafer.

  4. Nero Ardevsi

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  5. Sajjad Ul Hasan Qureshi

    GINI has launched a much needed project: “Improving Water rights in Central Punjab – districts of Sargodha, Faisalabad and Gujranwala”. This project supported by USAID, under Citizens’ Voice Project. The project involves extensive consultations, a baseline survey as well as developing policy recommendations to improve water rights of farmers. Pls participate thru in this process with your cooperation for achieving objectives & activities and discussions of this project, Email: [email protected]


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