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Irrigation Initiative by Rajarambapu Co-operative Sugar Factory, Sangli

Rajarambapu Co-operative Sugar Factory presents Paani Purovatha Yojana Success story Walwa District where the co-operative sector is blossoming the villages have a picturesque look of prosperity where the farmers and workers have a look of satisfaction and happiness the area which has been pioneer in sugarcane production situated between two rivers Krishna river on one side and Warana river on the other side The district which is considered to have developed culture. Rajarambapu Co-operative Sugar Factory presents Paani Purovatha Yojana Success story Almost 30 years ago Walwa District was a dry land. There was water shortage to even carry out day to day activities, forget farming. This being the condition, the farmers were helpless and economically unsupported. Realizing this drought worn situation of Walwa, Lokneta (People’s Leader) Rajarambapu Patil dreamed of covering every inch of land under water and started working towards finding a solution to this devastating problem. Firstly, the permit was taken from Government of Maharashtra, Water Resources Department for usage of water for 50,000 acres of land. But with Rajrambapu’s untimely death, this dream was left incomplete. The movement looked like a big question mark without his guidance. In 1984, with public appeal, Mr. Jayant Patil decided to complete his father’s dreams He knew the state of the district. He visited all the villages when he was appearing for the post of Chairman of Rajarambapu Co-operative Sugar Factory He went on rallies. He got all the farmers together and made them understand the importance of water for farming. Keeping aside all the political differences of the villages, he motivated everyone to work towards building water supply (Pani purovatha) organisations. After that, even farmer took loans from Bhu Vikas Bank and State Bank of India of 48 crores on their own lands. The water supply organisations started taking shape after this. The difference of 12 crores was paid by Rajarambapu Co-operative Sugar Factory. And with time, 37 Co-operative Water Supply (Pani Purovatha) organisations had come into existence. Through these organisations 50,000 acres of land has water supply throughout the year. From this, Borgaon’s Vaibhav Sahakari Pani Purovatha Sanstha took shape under Rajarambapu’s guidance. In 1985, Under Mr.Jayant Patil’s guidance Bauchi Pani Purovatha Sanstha was built. This organisation supplies water to 2,500 acres of land. In 1988, two water supply organisations namely, Paanch Amba Paani Purovatha Sanstha and Mahalaxmi Pani Purovatha Sanstha of Astha village supply water to 1,500 acres of land respectively. Pandharmala Pani Purovatha Sanstha of Bagani supplies water to 200 acres of land. In 1989, Urun Islampur Pani Purovatha Sanstha, Shiva Chatrapati Pani Purovatha Sanstha in Borgaon, Rajarambapu Pani Purovatha Sanstha in Bhadakambe, and in 1999, Bhairavnath Pani Purovatha Sanstha in Astha were started. Urun Islampur Pani Purovatha Sanstha, Water Supply- 2,000 acres Shiva Chatrapati Pani Purovatha Sanstha Water Supply – 600 acres Bhairavnath Pani Purovatha Sanstha Water Supply- 2,100 acres Rajarambapu Pani Purovatha Sanstha Water Supply – 850 acres In Walwa, Guruvarya Lalasau Patil Walwa No.1 Rajarambapu No.1 Walwa No.2 Rajarambapu No.2 In between these five co-operative water supply organisations, 470 acres of land is lift irrigated. Started in 1990, Rajarambapu Pani Purovatha Sanstha of Shigaon supplies water to 125 acres of land. Started in 1993, Nagaon Pokhardi Pani Purovath Sanstha supplies water to 850 acres of land. And started in 1995, Anant Pani Purovatha Sanstha of Bagani supplies water to 675 acres of land. From these Nagaon, Bhadakambe , Bagani and such other water supply organisations have built multipurpose offices in their respective villages from their profits. Through Mr. Jayant Patil’s visionary thoughts and tireless efforts as well as through Rajarambapu Co-operative Sugar Factory, all these water supply organisation that have come into existence are now debt-free and self-sufficient. With growth of irrigated land, there is an increase in water level in the surrounding village This resulting in growth rate of sugarcane production, factory gets around 10 lacs tonnes for sugar production. With this capable act in Walwa district, the farmers have got economical sweetness in their life in real sense.


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