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Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation pumps are designed to supply
water for a variety of applications including general lawn and landscape
irrigation, Lawn sprinkling, fountains, gardens and general water transfer. carries a wide assortment of irrigation pumps from the most reliable manufacturers in the industry, such as Goulds, Little Giant and Myers.
Many models we carry are designed for self-priming and are capable of reaching
high heads. The Zoeller NE332 is one of our most popular models, this pump has a one and a half-inch discharge, a two-inch suction, a maximum capacity of 75 gallons per minute and a motor that runs a one and a half horsepower. The NE332 also features a cast iron pump housing the ability to self-prime after an
initial prime, a large reservoir and a compact design. If you have any questions
on which pump is right for you… or if you’re in need of repair parts or
accessories, call our application engineers they’re standing by to assist
and help you select the right equipment for your application. Not only do, we
offer some of the lowest prices anywhere, but most orders are available for same
day nationwide shipping as well. the leading distributor for the most trustworthy pumps, parts and accessories in the industry. Visit our website or call our application engineers at one eight hundred four two
nine zero eight hundred.

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