1. Nilufar Begum

    In Bangladesh, farmers' children don't want to be farmers any more. They want to have modern education and live in the cities. They prefer to be engineers, doctors, professors, etc, and they are becoming so. They want to have a prestigious position in society. Who will then cultivate lands in the future? Who will grow food?

  2. isokessu

    When you talk about cheap african sugar it surprises me, 2:33 I mean Finland, you know that EU country between Sweden and Soviet Russia. We used to grow crazy amount of sugars when you think about that 98% of the land is forests instead of fields, so EU said that fuck you and your sugar, you need to buy it from Africa because they are so poor and we need to help them. This is what Spanish, French, British and Italians like to think. Let Africa make our food, lets dig their oil, gold and diamonds, but hey Finland never had part of this cruelty and stealing from the African people. If you buy sugar from africa you should pay them 50 cents per kilo but now you pay like 1 cent, then somebody sells it in shop and they put this fake "fair trade" label in the package. It's a hoax, they just want to take your money and kill the agriculture of Scandinavia

  3. BuickV

    Stop with your shitty tone. And stop with the "I mean" and "actually" every 2 sentences. And tell about the benefits of protecting European farmers.

  4. Steve Petty

    There is condemnation of the CAP because it pays huge sums to wealthy landowners to do absolutely nothing with their land, paying them to protect the environment. Sounds daft, but what is really questionable is why these mega landowners can have so much inherited land, sometimes acquired during unsavory times in the UK's history.

  5. Shannon Love

    The Yellow Vest protest are disproportionately from rural areas. Did the end of the CAP in France play a significant role in the protest?

  6. Jatin Dhamecha

    These subsidies should be stopped for all farmers in all countries, they'll get a fair competition and we get it at cheeper price. Indian government increased the tariff on peas and that lead to a big turbulence in the market of processing factories which lead to crisis in the flour prices and their products and subsequently the citizens had to pay more to get the same thing just because the flour was made from indigenous peas. Why way the tariff increased ? Just for the VOTES !!! Appearently There are lot of farmers in India and if the political party wants to stay in power you gotta keep farmers Happy regardless of other citizens' problems. Is there any solution to this ? Probably we shouldn't apply these kinda sh**ty strategy to the next planet we colonize…

  7. Eel Marwen

    About 20% of food in the UK comes from outside the UK and EU (check Defra). Tea and coffee, nuts etc come from other countries. But having food with less food miles, grown more locally is surely a good thing?

  8. Filafresh22

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  9. George George

    well.. I am from the EU and I keep mentioning this agro policy as my 1st argument when it comes to where to modernise the EU. The argument goes = instead of spending billions on cows why not spend that on building up our human capital???! What about vegans and lactose intolerant people…all that money goes wasted for these people (for example)

  10. Der Realist

    Almost every country uses agricultural subsidies. The reason for this is simple: Their benefits extremly overweigh their costs. They lower consumer prices dramaticly. They protect the inhabitants of the state from the globale markets fluctuations. They help the economy because despite of the small percentage of people directly living from agricultural, exist entire industries solely to provide goods for the agricultural sector.

  11. gavin parks

    Poor research behind this video. CAP subsidies were long since " decoupled " from production. That's why they are now area based , so that they are not proportional to increases in yields. Cue the complaints about large land owners getting the biggest payments. There really is no pleasing people.
    More seriously – 40 years ago when I left Agri College , there were 5000 dairy farmers in Scotland. Now there are fewer than 900 remaining – not much sign of protectionism there.

    The CAP is rightly concerned about the depopulation and abandonment of Less Favoured Areas – the permanent rural population matter when it comes to keeping schools and services going . Tourists just don't stay around long enough to have the same effect.

  12. Shane Clements

    New Zealand got rid of farming subsidies years ago and still competes in the world market. It bred innovation and yes, we also have very good agricultural universities.

  13. Nereus

    food is like pharmaceuticals, you can't risk to import adulterated stuff from foreign countries because they have weak policies for food quality. without even considering embargo or sanctions

  14. Richard Sullivan

    YouTube Censorship. December 8, 2018 early afternoon. YouTube has blocked out coverage of Paris riots. It is time for uncensored versions of YouTube to be made en masse so the people can have legitimate,unfettered spread of important information.

    Let’s go developers, get off your butts. Do it! Spread this word brothers and sisters.

  15. romanvampire

    for historic pic: Europe was just devastated by WW2, many countries severly felt that they had been relying on imported foods , that just stopped with U-boots and so…
    directly, a cold war with a constant threat for a WW3 had started..
    So the MAIN concern was FOOD SECURITY : stimulate recovery and increase of food production in the EU, to guarantee not starving to death if international shipping would suddenly be stopped once more!
    Du gaule did make it a deal extremely well for France, but else it would have been a EU consessus with perhaps national subsidees to do the same.
    PS, Uk is still extremely incapable to feed itself without food imports from the abroad … as it has been unable to for about 2 centuries now.

  16. Xastur Speaks

    Why would Macron end or reduce the CAP subsidizes? Think of it this way? Who is the political base of Le Penn? the rural, farmers, etc. so by cutting the subsizes he is literallly undercutting his political competition. Think of it like this, say you get votes from food stamp recipients and another politician wins election so he doesn't sign the Farm Bill which is linked to those food stamp programs. In the US that is primarily city based people but increasingly rural people too but politically the politicians, Democrats, get voted into office because of city-poor not rural poor who get the food stamps and if they must start increasing food stamps to rural that is undercutting their voting base (urban poor). In a similar way Macron is using government policy to undercut those who vote and support his opposition.

  17. Xastur Speaks

    11:40 that is why Macron is ending he subsidies or reducting them because if the UK is not paying it would mean the rest would need to pony up and France does not want to pay its fair share

    12:12 notice how I stated it is big factory farms. Imagine that.

    Let's get real using terms like 'farmer' so it turns out they industrialized farms back in the turn of the 20th century. Sure there are family farms and many large family farms, but by and large they reduced the workforce from like 80 percent to like 2 percent or something similar to that and increased the yield, but with that came the factory farm and corporate farms, OR they allowed owner/operates to own, say, chicken farms but only a few top producers like Tyson would buy their chickens to then process to sell at the grocery store. It is not a free market capitalism. Don't think of Ma and Pa owning a small farm. Again, some exist, but what is really going on is they are subsidizing corporate factory farms.

  18. Xastur Speaks

    Didn't Macron say nationalism was bad and, what was the word he used? He said it was a 'betrayal of moral values' and "“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism: nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism". Guess what Macron the CAP system is nationalism in another form. In fact, it takes money from all the EU nations and redistributes the wealth back to France.

  19. Xastur Speaks

    6:56 in other words, what we think of as 'capitalist' nations the EU is riddled with and can be thought of as socialist nations, like France, and yes they have markets but they are not true 'free markets' and in some areas like agriculture it is essentially much heavier. A Swedish economist said 'Sweden is not socialist'. He stated 'it does not own the means of production'. Ah, well maybe we need a new definition, but when government limits, directs, and otherwise regulates the economy and what we call supply managment that is in fact a flavor or type of socialism. What we call globalism and socialism are very similar.


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