1. Samantha JR

    The tragedy being that peat isn't even necessary to improve soils. There's so many alternative materials you can use, especially in a temperate climate like Germany, and all the organic matter you need is lying around to be picked up for free.

  2. Ed Goode

    What about paying South American countries to sustainably harvest organic material instead of burning forest to plant single cross?

  3. EuroS50

    Articles like this show how caught up Germany is today in this nonstop "we're bad people" thought process. Constantly blabbering about how its the cause of the world's problems. I'm sick of it.

    Germany's peat consumption is minor compared to the use of peat in Eastern states. Germany uses it for agriculture primarily while eastern states use it for fuel. One produces and one consumes. Of course as with everything on this earth, peat is a finite resource, but how can German media complain about "oohhh the poor environment" and "oohhh we're going to run out of peat!" while still using things like coal for fuel and completely shuttering nuclear power plants for example?

    Germany also didn't drain the moors in the east. That was the Soviets. We're not talking a few hectares, we're talking millions of hectares.

    Germany is so caught up in feeling bad for itself it can't see the future right in front of it, nor do what is needed to protect itself, its people, and its energy independence. It's a land of "gutmenschen" that do nothing but act smart while doing absolutely nothing now. What a shame.

  4. Willy Kling

    To empty a peat bog and flood it afterwards creates wetlands. It actually returns the peat bog to it's orginal state. All bogs started out as lakes.

  5. paranoidx9

    I'm just curious, what about GM peat? its use is mainly to nurture plants hence the considerations is definitely very inconsequential.


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